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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare By The Numbers

by Shawn Hopkinson November 25, 2014
Activision has released a handy infographic for all of your Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare questions. Wanna know how many boost jumps have been made in the game? It’s 16.1 billion, as of when the infographic was published. The graphic also boasts of more than 125 million players overall for the Call of Duty franchise […]

PR: Skylanders Has Full Slate of Holiday Merchandise

by Shawn Hopkinson November 24, 2014
Disney has tried it, and even Nintendo is getting in on the act, but no one does toys as playable video game characters like the Skylanders series. It has found just the right mix of rare and common, expensive and affordable to hook both kids and adult collectors. This Christmas, Activision has a wide range […]

New Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer Premieres Exo Survival Mode

Activision Declares Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare the Biggest Entertainment Launch of the Year

by Shawn Hopkinson November 20, 2014
  Activision says its recently released Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare not only had the biggest video game launch of the year, but that it beats all other entertainment launches of the year including movies, books and music. Exactly how big is the launch? That’s the crazy thing about these press releases. They don’t actually […]
New Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer Premieres Exo Survival Mode

Twitch Says Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is Most Streamed Launch Week Console Game of 2014

by Shawn Hopkinson November 13, 2014
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the most streamed console game of the year, according to Twitch, based on comparisons of launch weeks. In its first week 75,000 unique streamers broadcast themselves playing. And it was watched 26 million times. Twitch also revealed that there were 6 million unique viewers last week, and so far […]


Activision's Skylanders Balloon Debuts in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

by Shawn Hopkinson November 5, 2014
We saw a hint of this earlier in Macy’s official parade poster, but now we have confirmation from Activision that Eruptor, one of the stars of its Skylanders franchise, will be featured in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as a balloon. The Eruptor balloon took more than 40 gallons of fluorescent paint and five barrels […]
New Video Teases Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Season Pass

New Video Teases Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Season Pass

by Shawn Hopkinson October 28, 2014
Activision has released a new video showing off the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Season Pass. On offer are four DLC packs, early access to bonus DLC weapons and the Atlas Gorge multiplayer map, which will be available at launch for season pass holders. Except for the fact that the packs are called Havoc, Ascendance, […]

Skylanders Trap Team_Food Fight 1

Skylanders Trap Team Review - Fun and Engaging

by James Harveyon October 28, 2014
Skylanders Trap Team is the latest installment of Activision’s epic toy-meets-game series, promising to push the franchise to the next level with new characters, powers, and all that we hear whenever a new game in a long-running series hits. As with previous iterations, expect to plunk down quite a few bucks in order to get the […]
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Gets Launch Trailer

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Gets Launch Trailer

by Shawn Hopkinson October 20, 2014
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Nov. 4 release date is getting close, and Activision and Sledgehammer Games have pushed out a launch trailer to remind you. This hype trailer doesn’t reveal much we didn’t already know about the game. But there’s a priceless amount of digital Kevin Spacey smirking in it. At one point Kevin […]


PR: Destiny Launch Month One of Ten Largest U.S. Launch Months Ever, Activision Says

by Shawn Hopkinson October 18, 2014
How big a hit was Destiny? According to an Activision press release, quite big, thank you. Activision put out a release citing an NPD Group report that shows Destiny was the top-selling release in September, beating Madden NFL 15. Based on the NPD data and its own internal sales reports, Activision claims Destiny’s launch month […]

Review - Destiny Succeeds, But Doesn't Reach It's Full Potential (PS4)

by James Harveyon October 17, 2014
Sitting down to play Destiny, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. The hype has completely died down, as has the initial blowback. Reviews were, overall, pretty mediocre. There was a fair amount of disappointment to go around that, still, didn’t really stop anyone from playing the game. People are still plugging hour after hour […]