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Southern Star Picks Up "Faireez"

by Zeddon June 18, 2005
Australian distributor Southern Star International has picked up Faireez. Co-produced in several countries, the series follows a foursome of young fairies as they explore the magical land of Faireezia. [Source: C21Media]

PorchLight Licenses "Four Eyes" Throughout Asia-Pacific

by Zeddon June 18, 2005
PorchLight Entertainment, through its distribution partners, has secured several distribution deals for its animated series Four Eyes. The series has been licensed to Nickelodeon Australia, Nickelodeon Asia, Disney Channel Italy, and TG4. [Source: World Screen]

"Vikram Betal" Hits CN in India

by Zeddon June 17, 2005
The tale of the courageous and judicious King Vikramaditya and the clever ghost Betal will make its world television debut on Cartoon Network India at 12:00pm on June 19, agencyfaqs! reports. The 2-D animation movie chronicles King Vikramaditya’s repeated attempts to capture Betal, a clever and elusive ghost who loves to tell stories and pose […]

Brits Win Big in Annecy Awards

by Zeddon June 14, 2005
British animation won many of the Annecy awards over the weekend, with rewards also going to Germany and Australia. C21Media (subscription required) has details.

Moonscoop Sends Toons to Discop

by Zeddon June 14, 2005
French kids distributor Moonscoop has signed broadcast deals for three of its toons to air as part of Discop throughout Eastern Europe. C21Media has details.

Magma Films to Create "Ugly Duckling" Film/Series

by Zeddon June 14, 2005
Ireland’s Magma Films, alongside a host of European companies, is co-producing a new €15m 3D animated film based on Hans Christian Andersen’s Ugly Duckling. Entitled Ugly Duckling & Me, the film is scheduled to hit theaters in June 2006. Additionally, the companies are also producing a 26-part series with the same name, scheduled for release […]

Jetix Europe Announces Financial Results Ended March 31

by Zeddon June 10, 2005
Jetix Europe today announced financial results for the six months ended March 31, 2005, with net profit up 45 percent to $13.9 million, on revenues of $91.3 million, an eight percent gain on the year-ago period, World Screen reports. Jetix Europe also increased its subscriber base by 2.4 million to 40.7 million homes in 58 […]

India Establishing Two Animation Colleges

by Zeddon June 10, 2005
The Business-Standard reports on two animation colleges being set up in India by Picasso Digital Media Private Limited.

"Avenging Apes" Heading to DVD in Euro-African Deals

by Maxie Zeuson May 27, 2005
The Avenging Apes of Africa will head to home video in various European and African territories under a series of deals struck by MarVista Entertainment, World Screen reports. The one-hour animated special is about six great apes orphaned by a poacher.

"Famous Five" Getting TV Toon Adaptation

by Maxie Zeuson May 26, 2005
Chorion and Marathon will adapt Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series of books into an animated series, according to c21 Media. The companies are aiming for a 2007 premiere.