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Sword Art Online – “The Girl Of Morning Dew” Episode 11 Recap

by on October 24, 2012

Kirito and Asuna stumble upon a mysterious young girl with amnesia.

Kirito and Asuna begin their new life together as a couple and decide to spend their free days peacefully. While adventuring inside the feared “haunted” forest, the couple finds a mysterious young girl laying on the ground and decide to take her back to their home. The next morning, Kirito and Asuna learn that the girl has no memories other than that her name is “Yui”.  Yui quickly becomes attached to them to the extent that she happily calls them “Momma” and “Poppa”. Later, Kirito decides it would be best to head back to the Town of Beginnings and see if Yui’s parents could be there looking for her.  The search is unsuccessful and the three find themselves helping out a child caretaker named Sasha, who has been threatened by the local army guild because of “required taxes”. Kirito and Asuna easily take out the threatening army members and save the children of the town. At this point, Yui’s memories begin to come back to her as she cries out, “I wasn’t here…I was always alone…in the dark.”

Here Sword Art Online takes a break from the action and heads into a rather quirky, heartwarming and satisfying direction as Kirito and Asuna find themselves playing the role of parents. Watching this was a great change of pace from dark the tone of the story has been for the past two episodes. Yui added a lot more humorous dialogue that just keeps making the characters much more lively; I personally couldn’t help but be succumb to the charm of when Yui ate her first spicy family sandwich with her new father, Kirito.

The second half of the plot brings us back to the Town of Beginnings, which explores how actual kids have been trapped inside the game and the reality of a guild that’s taxing the weaker players. It was definitely a good writing decision to get into this type of stuff, as it offers more to think about on how other players are living their lives outside of those normally fighting on the front lines. Players like the children are just trying their hardest to live their lives peacefully, while you got the army guild that’s trying to use raw power to exploit others. Next time we reach the half way point of this anime with Yui following her Momma and Poppa into one of the most dangerous environments so far.

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