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Sword Art Online – “The Blue-Eyed Demon” Episode 9 Recap

by on October 5, 2012

In order to save a gang of players from certain death, Kirito is forced to unleash his trump card and face the “The Blue Eyed Demon” with all of his strength…

After escaping the clutches of “The Blue Eyed Demon”, Kirito and Asuna come to the decision to have a peaceful lunch break in a safer zone. Afterward, they come across two guilds: Furinkazan led by Klein and Aincrad led by Corbatz.  Kirito tries to warn Corbatz about the next boss’ extreme strength, saying that he should not fight it with fatigued players tagging along.  Unfortunately, Corbatz proudly ignores the warning and forces his tired men to march onward to the boss door. Worried that more players will die for nothing, Kirito convinces Asuna, Klein and the rest of the Furinkazan guild members to go on a rescue mission to stop the Aincrad from killing themselves. The group arrives onto the scene with the boss room door  already open, screams being echoed, Corbatz dead and the Blue Eyed Demon on a murderous rampage against the injured players who are still alive.

Knowing that he couldn’t stand anymore dead victims like Sachi and the Moonlit Cats, Kirito forces himself to unleash his deadly trump card “Duel Skill”, an uncommon talent that allows him to summon two blades at once and increase his strength drastically. Kirito manages to win the fight with only a single fragment of his life remaining and finds himself being hugged to death by Asuna. Klein and his guild move on to the next floor, while Kirito and Asuna stay behind and comfort each other over what they just went through. Thanks to this event Kirito’s reputation spreads further, leading to an unexpected challenge by the leader of the Knights of Blood…..

From the  heartwarming beginning to the dramatic end, we have Kirito and his group of comrades in a battle of survival against the next threatening enemy that stands in their way of returning to reality.  Every scene was impactful, with the rising action becoming progressively more engaging as Kirito’s feelings of regret drive him into a full-force suicidal attack. The battle choreography benefited from stunning visuals, complemented by a fantastic soundtrack that flowed tremendously all the way through.  Not satisfied with having similar dynamics to .Hackhttps://Sign, the show borrowed inspiration from Nobuhiro Watsuki’s Rurouni Kenshin.

The story first introduced Kirito as a typical mellow teenager who just happened to be very skillful at video games. Flash forward to this point and he’s completely destroyed that old shell, reaching new heights as a great character who is completely willing to die for everybody’s freedom. Every episode up until now has contributed to building up the impact of Kirito’s resolve, working wonders for these powerful moments when they come. It’s also pleasing to have a story where the lead is not an almighty force that’s protected from getting hurt because of his role in the story.

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