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Sword Art Online – “Illusionary Avenger” Episode 6 Recap

by on September 14, 2012

Kirito and Asuna uncover the truth behind Griselda’s death.

After seeing Yoruko stabbed and killed, Kirito jumps out of the hotel window and chases after the killer. But the mysterious figure manages to get away, and Kirito is left questioning how anybody could die inside a safe zone. Kirito and Asuna decide to have a break, during which they have a discussion about how married couples inside the game can share their inventory. When Kirito drops his sandwich and watches its data vanish though, he realizes that Yoruko and Kains might not be dead after all. In truth, they probably they planned their “deaths” and were able to trick people into thinking they died by using the data that becomes exposed when armor gets destroyed, and then using a teleport crystal to quickly vanish.  The mysterious figure that “stabbed” Yoruko was likely Kains in disguise, who was simply acting the role of the “killer”. Kirito reasons that Yoruko and Kains are probably still suspecting that somebody in their old guild murdered Griselda, and thus they were motivated to become “Illusionary Avengers”, in order to catch the killer off guard. Also, if married couples share their inventory, then Griselda’s husband would now be in possession of the rare item that she was suspected to have been killed over.

Elsewhere, Yoruko and Kains confront Schmit at Griselda’s grave and force him to tell the truth about who could have possibly killed their old guild leader.  Schimit responds that he only followed simple instructions, and that he had no idea Griselda die because of the rare item they found.  Before any conclusions could be made,  a player-killing guild called “The Laughing Coffin”, enters the grave site and prepares to kill all three of them for their own objective. The trio are rescued by Kirito, whose arrival forces the Laughing Coffin members to make a swift retreat. Kirito explains to them all that the mystery is solved, and that the true murderer behind the unfortunate events with Griselda is most likely keeping watch over them all right now. Asuna rushes onto the scene and is able to quickly capture the killer, who turns out to be Griselda’s husband, Grimmrock. It’s revealed that he hired The Laughing Coffin to do his own dirty work and kill anybody who pursued the truth about the murder.  He explains to Kirito and the group that Griselda died not over a rare item, but simply because she “changed” and became brave inside of Sword Art Online. In the end, he only thought of his wife as a possession and decided it would be best that she perished inside the game that they were both trapped in.   Yoruko, Schimit, and Kains take Grimmrock away, while Kirito and Asuna are surprisingly thanked by Griselda’s smiling spirit.

This murder mystery arrived at a surprising conclusion that satisfies. Kirito and Asuna learn the bewildering truth behind Griselda’s death, discovering that Grimmrock is nothing more than a cruel and loveless husband.  The mystery definitely unfolded well and it was rather impressive to see how deep it delved into each of its plot points, as well as the clever and large plot twist about how Yoruko and Kains faked their deaths by using data from destroyed items. Kirito and Asuna have also become much better friends thanks to this little story arc, and the feeling of danger never ceases in the world of Sword Art Online.

It was rather strange that Grimmrock wasn’t confronted sooner, since he was the closest to Griselda (who was known to be very strong). But then again, it’s indeed a cold feeling to suspect the very person who was supposed to love the victim the most. Ultimately, Illusionary Avenger does its job of providing plenty of good development.

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