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Sword Art Online – “General of the Blazing Flame” Episode 20 Recap

by on February 5, 2013

             Kirito clashes with the strongest player of Alfheim Online in order to save the alliance treaty between the Sylph and Cait Sith.

Kirito, Leafa, and Yui arrive in the area where the treaty between the Sylph and Cait Sith is to be completed. However, the treaty ground soon becomes a battlefield when the Salamander General Eugene arrives with his forces in order to kill both guilds. In response, Kirito cleverly lies his way to the General by claiming that he is the Spriggan-Undine Ambassador. Eugene himself is unconvinced, so he decides to see if Kirito can survive his rampage for more than ten seconds. Both players clash in the air and Kirito only barely manages to win the fight by grabbing one of Leafa’s blades and executing his own duel blade technique, similar to his  style in Sword Art Online. Eugene concedes defeat, recognizing  the “Ambassador” as a worthy opponent to fight again one day. Meanwhile the leader of the Sylphs, Sakuya, reflects on the situation and deduces that Sigurd orchestrated the attack in order to be accepted into the Salamander. Kirito proceeds to give the majority of his money to the two saved guilds, to help fund their efforts to aid him when he ventures to the World Tree. Meanwhile, at the top of the World Tree, Asuna manages to learn the pass code to her cell…

It’s hard to believe  there is already only five more episodes until season 2 is officially finished.  General of the Blazing Flame is full of dynamic animation and at last utilizes the flying combat from Alfheim Online into fully entertaining action. Regardless of story flaws, it’s hard to argue that the staff behind this anime is doing a bad job when the choreography and art always seems to beat expectations. Kirito’s carefree attitude when it comes to handling seemingly difficult situations always keeps the mood happier than it ought to be, which is a good thing considering how dark the series can be the rest of the time. Nevertheless, the whole situation involving the Sylphs and the Cait Sith felt a little too convenient for Kirito’s goal to rescue Asuna. I almost wish this season could have been just a bit longer so the characters could develop, explore the world of Alfheim and earn more power and allies rather than just winning the means and the funds to get to the World Tree in a short period of just two days.

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