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"Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars Volume 6" Presents A Divine Last Stand

by on July 16, 2008

Volume 6 of Super Robot Wars brings a conclusion of sorts to the ongoing battle with the Divine Crusaders, but it’s clear that darker forces await our heroes over the horizon.

With just over 10 episodes left to the end of the series, the war between the Federation and Bian Zoldark’s Divine Crusaders is starting to go badly for the DC—the Hagwane’s tenacity knows no bounds as it marches toward the DC’s base. Episode 15, “A Shot from the Skies”, details the Hagwane’s final journey to the DC’s Aidoneus Island headquarters. It’s quite amusing that the very idea of the Hagwane and its complement of Personal Trooper robots actually attacking the DC base directly is dismissed by everyone except Bian Zoldark himself, and sure enough, after narrowly avoiding a direct confrontation with the DC’s own battleship, the Kulogwane, the Hagwane is able to get off a shot of their powerful Wave Motion Gun-like Tronium Buster Cannon and begin their attack on the base.

Episode 16, “Bian’s Last Words”, features more down-to-Earth combat, as the PT robots from both sides confront each other in a massive show of strength. Ultimately though, the Federation team-members find themselves facing Bian Zoldark himself, now piloting the massive Valsion. As he personally confronts the assembled Federation forces, he expounds more on why he genuinely believes he’s doing the right thing for Earth in the face of the former Aerogator threat, revealing some heretofore unknown facts about why exactly the Federation set up a meeting with the aliens a few volumes ago. While many of the DC forces are clearly irredeemable characters, once again Zoldark acquits himself quite well, and it’s easy to actually agree with some of his points of view, making him an excellent adversary.

The third and final episode on Volume 6, “Little Princess”, finds the Federation forces dealing with Divine Crusaders stragglers now that the Divine War has come to an end in the previous episode. Somewhat appropriately, after the last few shows, this episode definitely plays up some of the more comedic aspects of many of the characters, something that I always finds adds far more humanity to them than any amount of cockpit shouting ever does. The main plot point of this episode is the introduction of a new character, Princess Shine Hauzen, who has been brought to the attention of the remaining DC forces thanks to her special psychic gift.

Once again, Super Robot Wars delivers a batch of entertaining episodes, and thankfully seems to have at long last balanced out the number of characters in its large cast. These three episodes finally bring all the characters together in a natural-feeling way that is quite satisfying after the many introductions that have taken up large parts of previous episodes. I have one minor criticism: the first two episodes are so full of action leading up the end of the Divine War that there’s little in the way of character development. Thankfully, this is addressed in the last episode on the disc with those nice humorous character moments.

Picture and sound-wise the DVDs continue to be impeccable. But the subtitles continue to alternate some of the first and last names of the characters, despite what is being spoken on screen. Also, I noticed a couple of typos in the subs as well, which I consider pretty much unacceptable considering the low episode count, high prince point, and most importantly, the lack of a dub on all these DVDs. Hopefully the next volume will avoid such mistakes in the future. As with all the other volumes so far, there are no extras or even trailers on the DVDs, although once again there is a helpful booklet with short bios on some of the characters, as well as comments from the Japanese voice actors.

If you’ve managed to make it this far into Super Robot Wars, you’re not going to find much new here, but so far it has been pretty consistently entertaining, and I don’t expect future volumes to be any different. One thing that I have come to realize about this show is that it’s better watched in batches of episodes, rather than waiting for each three-episode volume to come out, as it’s easier to keep a track on the characters that way. Nevertheless, Super Robot Wars continues to be a fun series, and a welcome addition to the various mecha anime series on Region 1 DVD.

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