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Sun, Moon And Shadow: Marshadow Coming To Pokemon

by on April 10, 2017

The next legendary Pokemon to be given away for Sun and Moon players has been revealed: it’s Marshadow, the Fighting/Ghost type. Nintendo won’t say yet how players will be able to get it, only that it “cannot be captured through normal gameplay.” The previous Legendary giveaway (for Magearna last December) was done through QR code; Marshadow may be distributed the same way.

The above video doesn’t say much, but we know in advance that Marshadow is capable of a powerful Z-Move called the “Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike.” Which looks like this (courtesy of Polygon).

Marshadow actually shows up in Pokemon: I Choose You, the 20th anniversary throwback movie that remakes the first episode of the TV series. We’ve wondered how they plan to make the original story 90 minutes long. Well, he never met Marshadow in the original…

There is no exact date for Marshadow’s release in Sun and Moon, but if we’re talking about it, it’s likely to be soon.

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