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Steven Universe: Save The Light Introduces Hessonite

by on October 23, 2017

Ready for Steven Universe: Save The Light to hit gaming consoles next week? You already know of one new character in the game, but were you aware of another?

Today they pulled the curtain off Hessonite, a Homeworld commander and boss of Squaridot, who was introduced earlier. The backstory behind the game is that the Crystal Gems have discovered a powerful weapon located near Beach City, but it’s stolen by Squaridot before they can secure it. Hessonite is the one waiting for Squaridot to retrieve the weapon. Your goal in the game is to stop them both before they take off into space and use it for evil.

“Hessonite” is most likely a take on sessonite, a stone in the garnet family that resembles cinnamon in coloring. Hence why Hessonite wears a shimmery cape that gives you a strange urge to eat it. No word on if the character is related to Garnet, but she does have a square head and a giant fro.

The big question is…..is Hessonite canon? Will she appear in a future episode of the series? We don’t know, but the SU staff has already confirmed Squaridot will remain exclusive to the game, so perhaps Hessonite will as well.

Watch for Steven Universe: Save The Light when it arrives on Playstation 4 this Halloween, followed by an XBox One release on November 3.

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