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Sony Says More Spidey Sequels Being Spun

by on November 27, 2013

Sony – holders of the all-important film rights to Spider-Man – has announced that there will be forthcoming sequels involving both Spidey as well as various characters within Spider-Man’s universe although there has not yet been a specific mention or connection made yet for Spider-Man to join with other superheroes in a film a la “The Avengers”-mold. Disney, through its acquisition of Marvel four years ago, currently holds merchandising rights for Spider-Man, meaning any future Spider-Man sequel or sequel which involves a character from Spider-Man’s “universe” would have to be a collaborative effort between Sony and Disney unless, of course, Sony doesn’t plan on merchandising the movie – an unlikely possibility.

Spider-Man sequels – depending on the progression of various scripts, character developments and negotiations with Disney – could appear as soon as 2016.

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