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Smith Micro Debuts Animation Apps For Unity Game Devs

by on August 5, 2014

Smith Micro Software has announced new versions of its Poser and Anime Studio software designed to help Unity game developers create and integrate 2D and 3D content directly into their projects. New Poser Pro Game Dev allows content developers to quickly transform high resolution Poser 3D characters into efficient assets suitable for real-time gaming while Anime Studio Pro 10.1 offers improved workflow and a broad set of 2D animation tools to create Unity content. Both products now support FBX file format for fast, easy import to the Unity platform, and both are now offered on the Unity Asset Store, adding a rich set of prebuilt 2D and 3D content to the Unity game development ecosystem.

Poser Pro Game Dev includes several features that allow content developers to create high-resolution, 3D assets and deploy them directly into the Unity ecosystem as size-efficient, game-ready content using the new FBX import/export feature:

• Massive Content Library with 87 ready-to-pose human figures, animals, insects, robots and creatures, plus hundreds of 3D props and scenery elements.

• New Polygon Reduction – allows 3D figures and props to be intelligently reduced to lower polygon counts while preserving important attributes such as morphs, materials, and surface topology.

• New Figure Combining – allows complex figures, such as humans with conformed clothing, hair, accessories and multiple textures, to be combined into a single figure with a game engine ready texture atlas. To further improve gaming performance, Poser Pro Game Dev can automatically locate and delete hidden polygons in the newly-generated single figure.

• Kinect for Windows – use Kinect to drive Poser biped figures, and create motion capture sequences which can be saved as animated poses in the library, or directly export them from Poser to bring into Unity.

Anime Studio Pro 10.1 can eliminate additional software purchases when creating 2D animations for game development and offers an efficient alternative to tedious frame-by-frame animation. Anime Studio Pro provides Unity users:

• FBX support of animated 2D content, eliminating the need to create rigid sprites for game development and providing the ability to get the exact look and feel that they want.

• Creating 2D animation is fast using Anime Studio Pro’s intuitive interface and powerful tools, with support for a wide array of media types including vector and bitmapped content, sound and video.

• Anime Studio Pro delivers a comprehensive set of advanced animation tools powerful features such as a visual content library, a bone rigging system, bitmap to vector conversion, integrated lip-synching, 3D modeling, physics, and motion tracking.

Poser Pro Game Dev and Anime Studio Pro 10.1 both support FBX import of content directly to the Unity platform. FBX, the adaptable file format for 3D animation from Autodesk, is the most common method for integrating animated 2D and 3D assets in Unity.

Pricing and Availability:
Poser Pro Game Dev is priced at $499.99, with upgrade pricing from previous versions of Poser and Poser Pro available.

Anime Studio 10.1 is priced at $299.99, with upgrade pricing from previous versions of Anime Studio available.

Both products can be purchased from the Unity Asset Store, or directly from Smith Micro: http:https://poser.smithmicro.com/buy.html

Source: Smith Micro

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