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Sixth Annual “Too Art for TV 6” Exhibition Starts November 9th

by on October 17, 2012

The opening reception for the sixth annual Too Art for TV exhibition will take place on Friday, November 9, 6-10pm. The exhibit will run from November 9, 2012 through December 14, 2012.

Each year, Too Art for TV features the personal, fine art works of animation industry artists in an attempt to bridge the gap between fine and applied art. The exhibit will feature personal works from artists behind shows such as The Venture Bros., Superjail!, Beavis and Butthead, Sesame Street and more.

Leading up to the exhibition, Too Art for TV is running a feature via their Facebook and Twitter called, “44 Artists in 44 Days” which highlights an individual artists in the show each day.  Additionally, Too Art for TV is looking to make the Bunnycutlet Gallery a permanent home for the personal works of animation artists in NYC. They’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to ensure the gallery remains open for at least one year. Pins, postcards, prints and paintings available for those who donate.

For more information on everything Too Art for TV, check out their Twitter, Facebook, or website.


Too Art for TV 6
Sixth Annual Group Exhibition for the Animation Industry

Grand Opening of Bunnycutlet Gallery

Opening reception – Friday, November 9th, 6-10pm

November 9th, 2012 through December 14th, 2012

BROOKLYN, NY (RELEASE October 10, 2012) — Bunnycutlet Gallery is pleased to debut its new space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with the 44-person group exhibit “Too Art for TV 6,” New York’s sixth annual exhibition for artists in the animation industry.

Too Art for TV started in 2006 for artists who, by virtue of working collaboratively (and semi-anonymously) in the work-for-hire profession of broadcast animation, needed a public showcase for their individual artistic endeavors – no matter how un-TV they were. Curated by animation painter Liz Artinian, Too Art combined well-known animation artists
with up-and-coming ones, their conceptual cohesion being an embrace of the experimental and the whimsical, with comics, animation, and illustration working as an aesthetic thread.

Orphaned in 2008 when its original host gallery left New York, Too Art continued its annual life thanks to yearly pop-up galleries, funded and organized by Liz Artinian, and built with the help of exhibitors and countless volunteers. Distinctive from previous years, “Too Art for TV 6” also debuts the new Bunnycutlet Gallery, an art space founded by Liz as a permanent home for Too Art, as well as for a broader art culture that embraces figurative art, pop art, and “geek” art.

Featuring new works by 44 artists, including first time Too Art exhibitor Vincent Scala, whose large acrylic paintings combine animation, horror, and comedy with vibrant colors. Also featuring paintings by Too Art veterans Kelly Denato and Jessica Milazzo – though their work differs aesthetically, they share a unique ability to mix metaphor and humor with a beautiful illustrator’s hand. Isam Prado’s drawings, while delicately drawn, are portraits of internal distress and bitter violence, contrasted with Christy Karacas’s massive-scale drawings, which energetically explode with cats, robots, and comic violence.


Peter Ahern
Edward Artinian
Liz Artinian
Chris Beaumont
Robbie Busch
Devin Clark
Jared Deal
Kelly Denato
John Dilworth
Maya Edelman
Alan Foreman
Chris George
Frank Gresham
Niko Guardia
Anna Hakopian
Jen Hill
Meghan Jean
Heather Faye Kahn
Christy Karacas
Efraim Acevedo Klein
Andres Kwon
Michael Lennicx
Adam Levine
Todd Lown
Robert Lyons
KJ Martinet
Richard Mather
Jessica Millazzo
Dagan Moriarty
Mike Mucci
Stephen Neary
Justin Offner
Douglas Einar Olsen
Joohee Park
Dan Pinto
Gabriel Pinto
Isam Prado
Lyla Ribot
Mike Ricca
Derek Rippe
Vincent Scala
Justin Simonich
Irra Verbitsky

Bunnycutlet Gallery
158 Roebling Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Thursday & Friday, 5-9pm
Saturday & Sunday, 1-9pm
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