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Sin Comes To Starling City

by on August 16, 2013

Bex Taylor-Klaus will be portraying the characte of Sin on "Arrow".

Bex Taylor-Klaus will be portraying the character Sin on “Arrow”.

Sin’s city is supposed to be Las Vegas but it will find at least a temporary home in Starling City as the DC Comics character of Sin – to be portrayed by actress Bex Taylor-Klaus [“The Killing”] – will be joining the cast of “Arrow” on the CW network. In DC Comic lore, Sin is really Cynthia Lance, an Asian student adept at martial arts who is the adopted daughter of Laurel Lance and befriended by Black Canary [and teen bad angsty-boy Roy Harper on the actual show], though it is more likely she will be Yao Fei’s adopted daughter when the show continues. Sin will join other new characters introduced for the second season including Brother Blood [Kevin Alejandro] and Bronze Tiger [Michael Jai White]. Sin will appear in the third and fourth episodes of the upcoming season.

The second season of “Arrow” is currently scheduled to debut on October 9, 2013.

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