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Shout! Factory Announces BotCon Live Streaming Schedule and Sale

by on June 18, 2014

Celebrating 30 Years Of Transformers!

Can you believe it’s been three decades since we were first introduced to the Transformers? Since then, we have witnessed many epic battles between the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons. Here at Shout!, we feel that there’s a lot to celebrate! We’re rolling out the TRANSFORMERS THRILLING THIRTY SALE, running now through July 7. We have incentives including: discounts of 30% or greater off of all Transformers titles, free or discounted shipping, a FREE Limited-Edition THRILLING 30 TRANSFORMERS poster with purchase (while supplies last) and more!

TFBotCon30thPosterWe will also have a special Live At BotCon online event during BotCon 2014! We’ll be streaming interviews from the Con floor along with clips of panels. Plus we’ll share some of our favorite episodes from the last 30 years. Stay tuned for details.

Visit www.TF30YEARS.com for more information.

BotCon Live Streaming Event Schedule:

Content and times are approximate and subject to change.
All times are listed in PDT (Pacific Daylight Time).

Friday, June 20:

11:00 AM “Triple Changer: From Toy to Comic to Screen”
11:30 AM Transformers G1: “More Than Meets the Eye, Part 1”
12:00 PM Transformers G1: “More Than Meets the Eye, Part 2”
12:30 PM “The Combiner: Forming the Transformers Animated Series”
12:45 PM Transformers G1: “More than Meets the Eye, Part 3”
1:15 PM “The Headmasters: Voicing the Robots in Disguise”
1:45 PM “Into the Creation Matrix: A Conversation with Bob Budiansky”

Saturday, June 21:

10:00 AM Transformers G1: “S.O.S. Dinobot”
10:30 AM Panel: James Roberts Storyteller
10:45 AM Transformers G1: “Ghost in the Machine”
11:15 AM Transformers G1: “The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1”
11:45 PM Transformers G1: “The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2”
12:00 PM Panel: Rescue Bots Cast Q&A
12:15 PM Beast Wars: “Beast Wars, Part 1”
12:45 PM “Maximize! Creating a New Breed of Transformer”
1:00 PM Panel: 2014 Hasbro Toys
1:15 PM Beast Wars: “Beast Wars, Part 2”
1:45 PM “Remembering the Spark”
2:00 PM Beast Wars: “The Agenda, Part 1”
2:30 PM Beast Wars: “The Agenda, Part 2”
2:45 PM Panel: Women in Animation
3:00 PM Beast Wars: “The Agenda, Part 3”
3:30 PM Beast Wars: “Optimal Situation”
3:45 PM Saturday Highlight Reel

Sunday, June 22:

9:30 AM Beast Wars: “Feral Scream, Part 1”
10:00 AM Panel: 2014 Live Script Reading
10:15 AM Beast Wars: “Feral Scream, Part 2”
10:45 AM Beast Machines: “The Reformatting”
11:00 AM Transformers Armada: “First Encounter”
11:30 AM Transformers Energon: “Cybertron City”
11:45 AM Transformers Cybertron: “Fallen”
12:15 PM Transformers Animated: “Thrill of the Hunt”
12:45 PM Panel: Transformers Animated
1:00 PM Transformers Animated: “Garbage In, Garbage Out”
1:15 PM Transformers Animated: “Garbage In, Garbage Out” w/ Commentary
1:45 PM Panel: Transformers Comics: IDW
2:00 PM Rescue Bots: “The Alien Invasion of Griffin Rock”
2:30 PM Transformers Prime: “One Shall Fall”
2:45 PM “A Look at Polygon Pictures”
3:00 PM Panel: Transformers G1 Retrospective
3:15 PM Sunday Highlight Reel

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