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SDCC 2016: Dreamworks’s “Voltron Legendary Defender” Netflix Original Series Panel

by on August 10, 2016

Voltron: Legendary Defender Logo/TeaserDreamWorks’ Voltron revival, Voltron Legendary Defender, presented a panel of the cast and crew at Comic Con. Executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos, co-executive producer Lauren Montgomery, and head writer Tim Hedrick were joined by surprise guest Steven Yeun (Keith), to discuss the series.

The panelists discussed how they were introduced to Voltron, whether vague memories of the 80’s series or toys they had, but they all had fond memories of Voltron and enjoyed having the opportunity to work on a new series. Mr. Yeun, who was very enthusiastic about playing Keith, remarked that the show has a timeless quality to it and that’s why fans still love it.

Not being able to talk about what show they were working on was difficult at first, and in some cases, it became hard to keep secrets. Even after they were able to talk about the show, Ms. Montgomery said, in particular, she wanted to talk about the Pidge reveal but couldn’t.

The panel presented clips of their favorite moments from season one. The aforementioned scene of Pidge’s revelation, which was written by Mr. Hedrick, was a strong moment for them. A powerful scene between Allura and the AI of her father was shown, and Ms. Montgomery explained how she wanted to get the visuals just right. Mr. Dos Santos talked about keeping things fresh and making them unique by having Voltron form his sword inside a ship. They also presented a clip of Shiro fighting Haggar in an homage to the original series and a humorous scene between Hunk, Pidge, and Lance.

The panel opened itself up to questions. Mr. Dos Santos said that airing the show on Netflix gave them the opportunity for bigger stories, and while they don’t know how many seasons it will run for, stories will continue to evolve and new plots will come up. Mr. Hedrick pointed out that the season ended the way it did because it gives them a chance to explore more of the universe and the Galra Empire. The panel opted not to answer questions about Coran’s abilities and whether they are like Allura’s to avoid spoiler territory. When asked about the music, they answered that unfortunately due to a legal issue, we won’t be hearing any of the old Voltron theme.

In addition to announcing that season 2 of Voltron Legendary Defender will be released fall of this year, they also said that the Voltron Legendary Defender Season 1 soundtrack is now available and that Lion Forge Comics’ Voltron Legendary Defender series written by Mr. Hedrick and fellow series writer Mitch Iverson has just begun.

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