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SDCC2013: Xbox One – The Future of Xbox Gaming Revealed Panel Report

by on July 25, 2013

Xbox One - The future of Xbox Gaming Revealed

Xbox One – The Future of Xbox Gaming Revealed

The Future of Xbox Gaming Revealed panel took place at the San Diego Comic-Con 2013, on Saturday, July 20. Over the course of the panel, the participants touched on the next gen console, the Xbox One, its strongest assets and some of the games that best showcased those features. The panel was moderated by “Larry” Hryb, Director of Programming for Xbox Live. Hryb is also known by his Gamertag, MajorNelson. The panelists included Ken Lobb, Creative Director for First Party Publishing of Microsoft Studios, Justin Robey, Senior Producer of Ryse, Nick Burton, Development Lead of Rare, Josh Bridge of Capcom Vancouver and Executive Producer on Dead Rising 3, Dan Greenawalt, Creative Director for Forza Motorsport. The topics touched on were as follows:

Project Upload:

  • The Xbox One will always record game play. Using Upload, players will be able upload and share video they produce. They’ll be able to add wrappers, text and other video. During game play players may say, “Xbox Record,” and the system will save the last five minutes of game play and presumably begin actively recording your game from that point on.

Controller Remapping:

  • They’ve integrated more advanced controller remapping technology into the Xbox One. Often while playing games with friends, players find the need to step away momentarily. Instead of pausing, they can now hand their controller over to a friend and it will remap to the friend’s configuration on the fly.

Enhanced Rumble:

  • Rumble motors are now built into the triggers of the controller.


  • Drivatar, the learning-based AI opponent, will use your Forza gaming data and that of entire community to train your “shadow”.
  • A new physics model is in place.
  • The rumble motors in the controller triggers will be used to simulate tires breaking.
  • With “Assist” on, the game is drivable by a five-year old.

Dead Rising 3:

  • A highlight reel showcased better graphics, game play, the sheer number of zombies that can be on screen at one time, potential costumes and a variety of weapons.
  • Maps from Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 3 to illustrate how much larger the hardware allows the maps in Dead Rising 3 to be.
  • The game is full of dense spaces the main character can walk into. Players can go into stores and drives out of windows in cars.
  • There are no load zones. The game is all streaming.
  • A screenshot displayed increased interior definition, as well as more detail in the zombies. As the zombie is struck, brain matter becomes visible through the skull. Ribs might show when that area of the body is struck.
  • The use of the Xbox One feature, SmartGlass, is built into the story flow. Unique missions will become available to players through its use. In-game characters will call players on their physical phones during game play.

Ryse – Son of Rome:

  • Players will be able to immediately jump over from another game that they are in the middle of playing.
  • SmartGlass will allow Ryse players to set up matchmaking from their phone. The timeline will display more detailed information. Players will be able to view leader board stats, their uploaded clips, achievements and secrets. Players will be able to search through game clips related to an achievement they’re attempting to obtain. They’re all current, give or take three minutes. Game news will also be available through the app.
  • SmartGlass will also allow players to customize their hero on the bus ride home. They’ll be able to decide what execution they want to purchase or customize their multiplayer gladiator.
  • A video was shown to highlight the quality of Imaginarium’s performance capture technology and how it was used to bring the actors’ physical and facial performances into the game. There were up to twelve performance capture characters on screen at the same time.


  • The new Kinect will have ten times the power.
  • It can see your fingers at 10 meters and track less than 1 centimeter of movement on your hand.
  • In games such as Kinect Sports Rivals, players will be able to use Kinect to generate a character that looks very much like the player. Kinect will create a mesh of the player’s face, tracking 1400 points. It will take face measurements and then alter that face mesh to fit the face archetype of the gamer.

Q&A Topics Hit List:

  • There will be more details issued on the release date of the Xbox One later this summer.
  • Fifteen to sixteen games will be available at launch.
  • The Xbox One will not be backwards compatible.
  • Players interacting with the AI is something Microsoft is further exploring. This was said in response to a fan’s question about the ahead-of-its-time Project Milo.
  • Players who own a game on the Xbox One will not be able to play cross-platform with friends that own the same game on the Xbox 360 as the infrastructures are too different.
  • Once a game is installed, the game’s load time clocked in around 10-20 seconds.
  • Project Upload is not game specific. It is a feature of the platform.
  • Kinect will work in smaller spaces. It will detect people as close as one meter away. The field of view is wider and it will be able to see up to six people.

The Xbox One will be available later in 2013. More information on SmartGlass and the Xbox One itself, may be found on the official website.

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