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SDCC2013: Batman: The Animated Series Turns 21 Panel

by on July 30, 2013

batman-the-animated-series-themeThe Batman: The Animated Series Turns 21 panel took place at the San Diego Comic-Con 2013, on Saturday, July 20. Over the course of the panel, the participants touched on their vision of Batman: The Animated Series, production challenges, favorite episodes, favorite characters, whether or not the show would be able to have the same impact if it had started in the current television landscape and more. The panel was moderated by Gary Miereanu. The panelists included Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, Eric Radomski and Alan Burnett, with special guest, Loren Lester. Video of the full panel is available below via High5Tv.


The questions asked were as follows:
M. = Moderator Question
A. = Audience Question

  • M. How did you know that the vision for Batman: The Animated Series would work?
  • M. What was the most difficult aspect of production?
  • M. Was there anything that guys did not get to do or any instance where you ran out of time before you could get to it?
  • M. Can you watch this show yourselves and enjoy even close to the way this audience does?
  • M. What is your favorite episode and why?
  • M. Did you have a favorite character you got to work on?
  • M. From Andrea Romano via e-mail: Was there anyone in particular that was a casting surprise?
  • M. To Eric: Where are the Title Cards?
  • M. Was Loren Lester a unique addition?
  • M. To Loren: Do your kids watch Batman at all now?
  • M. To Loren: What was the essence of their creative genius?
  • A. What kind of psychological horrors did you pour into the show from your lives? Or if not horrors, then wonders?
  • A. Were there any characters that you thought were going to be bigger but didn’t pop?
  • A. What was the most challenging episode you worked on?
  • A. What do you think this show had that was able to draw people into such a huge universe and would it be able to happen now?
  • A. Were there any characters that you wanted to touch upon and never got a chance to?
  • A. How does it feel having grown up with the 60’s Batman and reading the comic book, then working on the show and watching it expand into other mediums?
  • A. Why do you think Batman is one of the most iconic heroes? What does he mean to you and how has he inspired your work?
  • A. What are your opinions of the different versions of Batman?

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