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SDCC2012: Panel Report – Filmation and Lou Scheimer: Celebrating a Generation of Animation and TV Heroes

by on August 1, 2012

After the clip, the panelists began to wrap things up with more stories and expressions of fondness and admiration. Unfortunately, some of the audio from my recording is inaudible, but I’ll relay what I was able to get from it.

Tataranowicz said that the very first thing he remembered seeing with Filmation’s name on it was Fantastic Voyage. It impressed him as a kid that it was a lot smarter than anything else he had seen on television. Everything he had seen from Filmation always had a little more going for it than anybody else out there. He told Scheimer that he always did remarkable work with really tight budgets.

Haig said that he remembers all of the fun times he had, being able to watch some amazing animation with great stories and characters. He was grateful that at some point in his life, he had contributed some small part.

While they were playing a clip from McNeil’s current project, he began to thank Scheimer. Some of what he said could not be heard over the clip’s audio, but he said that it it wasn’t for Lou, he wouldn’t have been doing something like this right now. A lot of people owed their careers to Lou Scheimer and Norm Prescott. He pushed everyone to do a better job, and added that kids from the time who are now parents tell him, “You were my childhood.” McNeil’s reply is, “If I was your childhood, he was mine.”

Dixon began his thanks by joking, “Everybody says how much they owe Lou. Lou still owes me severance pay,” but added that he appreciated everyone coming out because Lou deserves these accolades.

Mangels informed everyone of a signing going on later on in the day and asked everyone to give the panel a big hand. YouTube user, ytshawzam, uploaded a lengthy clip from the second half of the panel. Enjoy!

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