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SDCC2012: Marvel: Next Big Thing Panel Report

by on July 14, 2012

The Marvel: Next Big Thing panel highlighted a few upcoming issues and storylines beginning in October. Most of what was discussed has already been revealed earlier this year such as the new Gambit series returning the character to his thief roots, Hawkeye’s new ongoing series, the new Captain Marvel starring Carol Danvers, The First X-Men series featuring a team of mutants formed before the X-Men, and the end of New Mutants.

Some new news included post-stories following the marriage of Northstar with Kyle including a honeymoon issue and seeing their married life. Peter David has a mini-event planned for X-Factor which will shake-up the series afterward. The Hulk series will become Red She-Hulk starting with issue #58 and will follow Red She-Hulk on assignment for some clandestine organization with no mention on what happened to Red Hulk.

The big announcement though was for the new Thanos: Son of Titan series which will feature Thanos in his earlier days before he became the character he is today. The series hopes to captialize on the teaser at the end of the recent Avengers movie and attract fans, old and new alike, who are curious about what the teaser means for the next Avengers movie.

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