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SDCC2012: DC Comics: Young Justice Panel Report

by on July 16, 2012

The Young Justice panel featured previews and spoilers for the upcoming issues of DC’s younger superhero comics. The presentation started with the Zero month of comics which were announced last month and mark the first anniversary of DC’s New 52. Teen Titans will cover the story of how Tim Drake became Red Robin, and upcoming issues will further explore relationships within the team itself. Raven will also be joining the team.

Upcoming issues of Superboy will explore why clones became an abomination to the House of El and by extension, why Supergirl is nervous about Superboy being a Kryptonian clone. An unknown connection between Superboy and Kid Flash was also hinted at. Upcoming issues will reveal that as well as Bart’s association with his witness protection officer, Jocelyn Lure. It was revealed that Kid Flash is indeed from the 30th century and is in some sort of time witness protection program, but was sent back to the wrong place and time. Future issues of Superboy will also explore his relationship and connection with Caitlin Fairchild who is currently with the Ravagers.

Red Hood and the Outlaws will show Jason Todd’s first meeting with Bruce Wayne, and in upcoming issues, a death in the family will cause Jason Todd to be absent from the team for awhile, leaving Starfire and Arsenal on their own in Gotham. Blackfire, Starfire’s older sister, will be very different from her previous incarnation. In the New 52, instead of being the evil jealous older sister, Blackfire feels guilty for selling her sister into slavery to save their home planet and is actually very loving and caring towards her. Crimson Fox will make her debut in DC’s New 52 and the series sometime in the future.

Supergirl will show flashbacks of Krypton with Kara’s parents and reveal the truth about her father’s shooting and how she was sent away to Earth. The secret of Kara’s explosive flash power’s origin will also be revealed as well. In the issue following that story, Kara will find a little piece of Krypton on Earth, but she won’t be the one who finds it first and the ensuing battle and meeting will change Kara afterward.

Blue Beetle will reveal the secret origin of the Blue Beetle armore before Jaime Reyes got it, going back to its days in the Mayan empire and the first person who wore it. empire and the first person who wore it. The Mayan who first wore it is still alive and wants the armor back from Jaime as he developed a deep connection with it from wearing it as long as he did. Upcoming issues will even explore the world where the Blue Beetle scarab originated. Jaime will find himself on that planet and then in battle with cosmic villain.

Legion Lost will feature Timberwolf’s origin and explore whether or not he can overcome the cycle of revenge. A following issue will feature another cosmic villain whose actions will cause effects that will ripple into Superboy and Ravagers.

Ravagers will explore Terra’s and Beast Boy’s relationship with each other along with hints of Beast Boy’s origins. Upcoming issues will focus more on Beast Boy as well as Caitlin Fairchild and her relationship with Superboy, who wants more answers from her.

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