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SDCC2012: ASIFA – Hollywood’s State of the Industry – Part 4 of 6

by on July 26, 2012

Ramin Zahed, Editor, Animation Magazine moderated the ASIFA: Hollywood’s State of the Industry Panel. He asked the panelists to tell the audience what they do, how they got into the business and where they see the business going in 2012. The panelists from left to right were Josh Scherr (Uncharted III: Drakes Deception, Jax & Daxter), Laika’s Brian McLean (Coraline, ParaNorman), James Parris (Spider Man, Benjamin Button) and Jamie Kezlarian Bolio (Lion King, The Illusionist).

In this fourth clip Ramin Zahed asks Josh Scherr to talk about the gaming world in 2012. Scherr also touches on the indie scene in gaming. Zahed then asks the panel to give the audience their thoughts on the best way to get a job in the industry. Jamie Kezlarian Bolio, James Parris answer in this clip. This is clip 4 of 6.

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