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SDCC: Pokemon 2006 News

by on July 20, 2006

The identity of the new Pokemon voice team has been revealed at Pokemon USA’s 10th anniversary panel at San Diego Comic-Con, which also included information on the upcoming new episodes and specials that will be hitting US television this fall.

The new voices include Billy Rogers, who will be voicing Brock (KO Beast), and Sara Natachame, who will be voicing Ash in her first dub. The VAs did not perform their voices at the panel (as is studio policy), although clips of the new voices were played during the panel. The intent of the new dubs is to make the show closer to the original – the new voices are closer to the originals, and Pokemon USA is working to keep the Japanese music.

Master of Mirage has been redubbed with the new voices, and five episodes of the series have already been recorded. The plan is to record one new episode every week, for a total of 52 episodes. The next movie will hit the US sometime next year.

Cartoon Network will be running the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon special at an undetermined date. The special will also be released on DVD – Pokemon.com will have more information on the special as it gets closer to release.

Toon Zone’s coverage live from the San Diego Comic-Con will continue throughout the weekend.

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