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SDCC: Mainframe Animation Presents New Tony Hawk Film – Info and Impressions

by on July 21, 2006

Canadian-based Mainframe Entertainment presented a sneak preview and artistic breakdown today at the San Diego Comic-Con of their new CGI straight-to-DVD film, Tony Hawk in Boom Boom Sabotage. Boasting a large amount of cooperation with the Hawks and several other major skateboarding stars, the film uses copious amounts of motion-capture to transmute real skakeboarding tricks into the forms of their characters. The plot, of what was revealed, involved Hawk being kidnapped by a group of savage carnies, leaving a bunch of skateboard-fanatic kids to save him.

Ben Burden Smith, producer and writer, was present with his art director Gil Rimmer and animation director Logan McPherson. They revealed that the project was the remains of an aborted television show, meant to showcase Tony Hawk with a group of skating kids. Gil Rimmer went over a long dissection of his environment designs and how he tried to match the abandoned urban playgrounds that are favorite skate spots. The DVD is confirmed for release on September 12 of this year.

Impressions: Far be it for this reporter to even remotely make any claim of interest in the activity of skateboarding, so I do not consider myself the finest vessel of excitement for this project. Personally, I do not see the appeal of transferring skateboarding tricks via motion-capture into the bodies of CGI children (the project is, by their own admission, comparably smaller-budgeted than most CGI work), as there isn’t really a lot of motion between these nanoseconds of flight anyway. It’s a niche audience that the filmmakers clearly and honestly belong to, so the real question is how big of a niche is it – and are you a member? The plot seems purposefully dumb and campy, perhaps to a level of snarky fun (which can only remain to be seen), so the only real confirmed draw here is based on your already-established appreciation for skateboarding. If you’re big enough on the topic that you’d watch anything on it, then this probably appeals to you no matter how little I feel for it.

Toon Zone’s coverage live from the San Diego Comic-Con will continue throughout the weekend.

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