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Nick Jr. Schedule: 9/20/2014 - 9/22/2014
Schedule subject to change without notice. Times may be different in your area; consult your local listings.
SATURDAY: 09/20/2014
6:00AMJulius Jr.103Farmer Sheree / Dez the Dragon
6:30AMJulius Jr.105Clancy's Sniffles / Shadow Play
7:00AMJulius Jr.107Worry Bear's Collection / Rocket Roller Skates
7:30AMJulius Jr.114Operation Sand Squasher / Dr. Flossoraptor
8:00AMPeter Rabbit108The Tale of Jemima’s Egg / The Tale of the Great Breakout
8:30AMPeter Rabbit106The Tale of Nutkin on the Run / The Tale of the Wriggly Worms
9:00AMZack & Quack109The Popped Balloon / Pop-Up Ball Hero
9:30AMZack & Quack103Zack & Quack's Pop-Up Circus / Pop-Up Monster
10:00AMLalaloopsy211Mango's Mainland Holiday
10:30AMLalaloopsy223Spot's New Masterpiece
11:00AMMike the Knight221Mike the Knight and the Best Lookout / Mike the Knight and the Knight School New
11:30AMJulius Jr.123Plane Dilemma / Delayed Parade
12:00PMNick Jr. SpecialWorld Wide Day of Play New
3:00PMMike the Knight221Mike the Knight and the Best Lookout / Mike the Knight and the Knight School New
3:30PMJulius Jr.123Plane Dilemma / Delayed Parade
4:00PMMia and Me120Cave of Truth
4:30PMMia and Me121Against the Wind
5:00PMPeppa Pig132Blackberry Bush / Pottery / Paper Aeroplanes / Edmond Elephant's Birthday / The Biggest Muddy Puddle in the World
5:30PMPeppa Pig115The Eye Test / Grandad Dog's Garage / Foggy Day / Jumble Sale / Swimming
6:00PMPeppa Pig103Not Very Well / Lunch / Mummy Pig at Work / Gardening / School Play
6:30PMPeppa Pig129Spring / Miss Rabbit's Helicopter / Baby Alexander / Grampy Rabbit's Lighthouse / Miss Rabbit's Day Off
7:00PMDora the Explorer418Swiper the Explorer
7:30PMDora the Explorer717Dora Rocks!
8:00PMBubble Guppies206Firefighter Gil to the Rescue
8:30PMBubble Guppies219Check It Out!
9:00PMPAW Patrol113Pups Save the Bunnies / Puptacular
9:30PMPAW Patrol115Pups Save a Hoedown / Pups Save Alex
10:00PMNickMom ProgrammingNickMom Programming
2:00AMYo Gabba Gabba304Doctor
2:30AMYo Gabba Gabba212Flying
3:00AMThe Fresh Beat Band310Hoop Dreams
3:30AMThe Fresh Beat Band314Veloci-Rap-Star
4:00AMThe Wonder Pets204Save the Dragon / Save the Beaver
4:30AMThe Wonder Pets305Save the Raccoon! / Save the Loch Ness Monster!
5:00AMFranklin and Friends111Franklin Finds the Treasure / Franklin and the Tunnel Team-Up
5:30AMFranklin and Friends117Franklin Flies His Kite / Franklin's Flying Lesson
SUNDAY: 09/21/2014
6:00AMBlue’s Clues424Joe Gets a Clue
6:30AMBlue’s Clues402Imagine Nation
7:00AMBlue’s Clues416Let's Boogie
7:30AMBlue’s Clues302Weight and Balance!
8:00AMPeter Rabbit103The Tale of the Greedy Fox / The Tale of the Secret Treehouse
8:30AMPeter Rabbit102The Tale of the Radish Robber / The Tale of Two Enemies
9:00AMZack & Quack117The Best Pop-Up Picnic Ever / The Pop-Up Games
9:30AMZack & Quack106Pop-Up Express / Pop-Up Snowman
10:00AMJulius Jr.102Stretch Clancy / Pony Macaroni
10:30AMJulius Jr.113Tidy Up Time / Roboflop
11:00AMPeppa Pig134Mr. Fox's Shop / Shadows / International Day / The Rainy Day Game / Mummy Rabbit's Bump
11:30AMPeppa Pig116Tiny Creatures / Daddy Pig's Office / Pirate Island / George Catches a Cold / The Balloon Ride
12:00PMPeppa Pig137Pedro the Cowboy / Grandpa Pig's Train to the Rescue / Spider Web / Wishing Well / Lost Keys
12:30PMPeppa Pig102Flying a Kite / Muddy Puddles / Windy Castle / Hide and Seek / Cleaning the Car
1:00PMTeam Umizoomi308The Umi Sports Games
1:30PMTeam Umizoomi101The Big Boat Race
2:00PMDora the Explorer206Rojo, the Fire Truck
2:30PMDora the Explorer112Grandma’s House
3:00PMLalaloopsy111A Tree Grows in Lalaloopsy Land
3:30PMLalaloopsy120Blossom's Rare Plant
4:00PMMia and Me122Under the Moon
4:30PMMia and Me123Choosing Sides
5:00PMPeppa Pig105Piggy in the Middle / Pancakes / Thunderstorm / Daddy's Movie / Bicycles
5:30PMPeppa Pig117George's Birthday / Pretend Friend / Painting / The Baby Piggy / Grandpa's Little Train
6:00PMPeppa Pig134Mr. Fox's Shop / Shadows / International Day / The Rainy Day Game / Mummy Rabbit's Bump
6:30PMPeppa Pig116Tiny Creatures / Daddy Pig's Office / Pirate Island / George Catches a Cold / The Balloon Ride
7:00PMDora the Explorer502Bark, Bark to Play Park
7:30PMDora the Explorer508Bouncy Boots
8:00PMBubble Guppies208Humunga-Truck!
8:30PMBubble Guppies220Good Hair Day
9:00PMPAW Patrol102Pups Save the Sea Turtles / Pup and the Very Big Baby
9:30PMPAW Patrol105Pup Pup Goose / Pup Pup and Away
10:00PMNickMom ProgrammingNickMom Programming
2:00AMYo Gabba Gabba306Superhero
2:30AMYo Gabba Gabba101Eat
3:00AMThe Fresh Beat Band311Bollywood Beats
3:30AMThe Fresh Beat Band302Giant Pizza
4:00AMThe Wonder Pets114Save the Camel / Save the Ants
4:30AMThe Wonder Pets309Save the Bat! / Save the Acting Donkey!
5:00AMFranklin and Friends102Franklin's Special Job / Franklin Needs a Reminder
5:30AMFranklin and Friends116Franklin and the Shadow Show / Franklin's Fishing Trip
Upcoming Premieres
09.20 - 10:30 AM - Sanjay and Craig
09.20 - 11:00 AM - Breadwinners
09.20 - 11:00 AM - Mike the Knight
09.20 - 12:00 PM - Nick Jr. Special
09.20 - 07:30 PM - Haunted Hathaways, The
09.20 - 07:45 PM - Disney Channel Movie
09.20 - 08:00 PM - Henry Danger
09.20 - 08:30 PM - Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, & Dawn
09.20 - 09:00 PM - Thundermans, The
09.20 - 09:30 PM - AwesomenessTV

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