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TeenNick Schedule: 4/23/2014 - 4/28/2014
Schedule subject to change without notice. Times may be different in your area; consult your local listings.
WEDNESDAY: 04/23/2014
6:00AMDrake & Josh408Tree House
6:30AMDrake & Josh409Who's Got Game?
7:00AMVICTORiOUS112Cat's New Boyfriend
7:30AMVICTORiOUS113Sleepover at Sikowitz's
8:00AMVICTORiOUS114The Wood
8:30AMZoey 101310Wrestling
9:00AMZoey 101311Zoey's Balloon
9:30AMZoey 101312Chase's Grandma
10:00AMVICTORiOUS115The Great Ping Pong Scam
10:30AMVICTORiOUS116Wok Star
11:00AMDegrassi1221Building a Mystery (1)
11:30AMDegrassi1222Building a Mystery (2)
12:00PMNedís Declassified113Emergency Drills / Late Bus
12:30PMNedís Declassified201New Semester / Electives
1:00PMiCarly229iHave My Principals
1:30PMiCarly230iSpeed Date
2:00PMiCarly231iFix a Pop Star
2:30PMiCarly235iEnrage Gibby
3:00PMZoey 101211Girls Will Be Boys
3:30PMZoey 101301Surprise
4:00PMZoey 101302Chase's Girlfriend
4:30PMZoey 101303Hot Dean
5:00PMBig Time Rush203Big Time Girlfriends
5:30PMBig Time Rush204Big Time Live
6:00PMDrake & Josh409Who's Got Game?
6:30PMDrake & Josh410Helicopter
7:00PMZoey 101112Disc Golf
7:30PMZoey 101113Little Beach Party
8:00PMVICTORiOUS302The Breakfast Bunch
8:30PMVICTORiOUS303The Worst Couple
9:00PMVICTORiOUS304Andre's Horrible Girl
9:30PMVICTORiOUS305Car, Rain & Fire
10:00PMBig Time Rush212Big Time Crush
10:30PMBig Time Rush213Big Time Girl Group
11:00PMDrake & Josh410Helicopter
11:30PMDrake & Josh412The Wedding
12:00AMHey Arnold!072Back to School / Egg Story
12:30AMRugrats094Rasing Dil / No Naps
1:00AMCatDog039Cliffís Little Secret / Freak Show
1:30AMHey Arnold!073Weird Cousin / Baby Oskar
2:00AMHey Arnold!072Back to School / Egg Story
2:30AMRugrats094Rasing Dil / No Naps
3:00AMCatDog039Cliffís Little Secret / Freak Show
3:30AMHey Arnold!073Weird Cousin / Baby Oskar
4:00AMMarvin Marvin108Burger On A Bun
4:30AMMarvin Marvin109Scary Movie
5:00AMMarvin Marvin110Space-cation
5:30AMMarvin Marvin111Calm Palm
THURSDAY: 04/24/2014
6:00AMDrake & Josh412The Wedding
6:30AMDrake & Josh413Dance Contest
7:00AMVICTORiOUS116Wok Star
7:30AMVICTORiOUS117Survival of the Hottest
8:00AMVICTORiOUS118Wi-Fi in the Sky
8:30AMZoey 101312Chase's Grandma
9:00AMZoey 101313Michael Loves Lisa
9:30AMZoey 101314The Radio
10:00AMVICTORiOUS201Beck Falls for Tori
10:30AMVICTORiOUS202Helen Back Again
11:00AMDegrassi1222Building a Mystery (2)
11:30AMDegrassi1223Doll Parts (1)
12:00PMNedís Declassified202Pep Rallies / Lunch
12:30PMNedís Declassified203Video Projects / School Clubs
1:00PMiCarly235iEnrage Gibby
1:30PMiCarly236iFind Lewbert's Lost Love
2:00PMiCarly237iWas A Pageant Girl
2:30PMiCarly238iWon't Cancel the Show
3:00PMZoey 101302Chase's Girlfriend
3:30PMZoey 101303Hot Dean
4:00PMZoey 101304Quarantine
4:30PMZoey 101305Zoey's Tutor
5:00PMBig Time Rush205Big Time Halloween
5:30PMBig Time Rush206Big Time Sneakers
6:00PMDrake & Josh412The Wedding
6:30PMDrake & Josh413Dance Contest
7:00PMZoey 101201Back to PCA
7:30PMZoey 101202Time Capsule
8:00PMDrake & Josh409Who's Got Game?
8:30PMDrake & Josh410Helicopter
9:00PMDrake & Josh412The Wedding
9:30PMDrake & Josh413Dance Contest
10:00PMBig Time Rush213Big Time Girl Group
10:30PMBig Time Rush216Big Time Reality
11:00PMDrake & Josh413Dance Contest
11:30PMDrake & Josh414Steered Straight
12:00AMHey Arnold!074Fighting Families / Helga Sleepwalks
12:30AMRugrats095Man of the House / A Whole New Stu
1:00AMCatDog041Fire Dog / Dog Show
1:30AMHey Arnold!075Monkeyman! / Buses, Bikes and Subways
2:00AMHey Arnold!074Fighting Families / Helga Sleepwalks
2:30AMRugrats095Man of the House / A Whole New Stu
3:00AMCatDog041Fire Dog / Dog Show
3:30AMHey Arnold!075Monkeyman! / Buses, Bikes and Subways
4:00AMMarvin Marvin111Calm Palm
4:30AMMarvin Marvin112Battle of the Bands
5:00AMMarvin Marvin113Marvin Gets a Pet
5:30AMMarvin Marvin114Big Time Marvin (1)
FRIDAY: 04/25/2014
6:00AMDrake & Josh414Steered Straight
6:30AMDrake & Josh415Josh is Done
7:00AMVICTORiOUS202Helen Back Again
7:30AMVICTORiOUS205Tori Gets Stuck
8:00AMVICTORiOUS206Tori Tortures Teacher
8:30AMZoey 101314The Radio
9:00AMZoey 101315Favor Chain
9:30AMZoey 101316Zoey's Ribs
10:00AMVICTORiOUS207Jade Gets Crushed
10:30AMVICTORiOUS208Who Did It to Trina?
11:00AMDegrassi1223Doll Parts (1)
11:30AMDegrassi1224Doll Parts (2)
12:00PMNedís Declassified204Math / Notebooks
12:30PMNedís Declassified205School Websites / Valentine's Day
1:00PMiCarly238iWon't Cancel the Show
1:30PMiCarly239iSpace Out
2:00PMiCarly240iBelieve in Bigfoot
2:30PMiCarly241iMove Out
3:00PMZoey 101307Silver Hammer Society
3:30PMZoey 101310Wrestling
4:00PMZoey 101311Zoey's Balloon
4:30PMZoey 101312Chase's Grandma
5:00PMBig Time Rush207Big Time Pranks
5:30PMBig Time Rush208Big Time Guru
6:00PMDrake & Josh415Josh is Done
6:30PMDrake & Josh416The Battle of Panthatar
7:00PMZoey 101203The Election
7:30PMZoey 101204Bad Girl
8:00PMZoey 101205Robot Wars
8:30PMZoey 101206Haunted House
9:00PMNickelodeon MovieMean Girls (2004) New
11:00PMVICTORiOUS999Freak the Freak Out
12:00AMHey Arnold!076Synchronized Swimming / Grandpa's Sister
12:30AMRugrats096Submarine / Chuckieís a Lefty
1:00AMCatDog042Sumo Enchanted Evening / Hotel CatDog
1:30AMHey Arnold!077Helga's Masquerade / Mr. Green Runs
2:00AMHey Arnold!076Synchronized Swimming / Grandpa's Sister
2:30AMRugrats096Submarine / Chuckieís a Lefty
3:00AMCatDog042Sumo Enchanted Evening / Hotel CatDog
3:30AMHey Arnold!077Helga's Masquerade / Mr. Green Runs
4:00AMMarvin Marvin114Big Time Marvin (1)
4:30AMMarvin Marvin115Big Time Marvin (2)
5:00AMMarvin Marvin116St. Glar Kai Day
5:30AMMarvin Marvin117The Amazing Comic Book Thief
SATURDAY: 04/26/2014
6:30AMVICTORiOUS102The Bird Scene
7:00AMVICTORiOUS105Tori the Zombie
7:30AMVICTORiOUS106Jade Dumps Beck
8:00AMiCarly118iPromise Not to Tell
8:30AMiCarly207iHurt Lewbert
9:30AMiCarly237iWas A Pageant Girl
10:00AMVICTORiOUS107The Birthweek Song
10:30AMVICTORiOUS109A Film By Dale Squires
11:00AMVICTORiOUS117Survival of the Hottest
11:30AMVICTORiOUS304Andre's Horrible Girl
12:00PMiCarly301iGot A Hot Room
12:30PMiCarly304iGet Pranky
1:30PMiCarly401iDate Sam & Freddie
2:00PMVICTORiOUS322The Bad Roommate
2:30PMVICTORiOUS327The Slap Fight
3:00PMVICTORiOUS999Freak the Freak Out
4:00PMiCarly997iFight Shelby Marx
5:00PMNickelodeon MovieMean Girls (2004)
7:00PMNedís Declassified105Crushes / Dances
7:30PMNedís Declassified106Sick Days / Spelling Bees
8:00PMZoey 101314The Radio
8:30PMZoey 101315Favor Chain
9:00PMDegrassi1329Sparks Will Fly (1)
9:30PMZoey 101316Zoey's Ribs
10:00PMZoey 101317Drippin' Episode
10:30PMZoey 101318Paige at PCA
11:00PMZoey 101319Son of a Dean
11:30PMZoey 101320Hands on a Blix Van
12:00AMKenan & Kel450The Honeymoon's Over
12:30AMKenan & Kel451Girl-Watchers
1:00AMCatDog043Shriek on Ice / No Thanks for the Memories
1:30AMCatDog044Rodeo CatDog / Teeth for Two
2:00AMKenan & Kel450The Honeymoon's Over
2:30AMKenan & Kel451Girl-Watchers
3:00AMCatDog043Shriek on Ice / No Thanks for the Memories
3:30AMCatDog044Rodeo CatDog / Teeth for Two
4:00AMMarvin Marvin101Pilot
4:30AMMarvin Marvin102Double Date
5:00AMMarvin Marvin102Double Date
5:30AMMarvin Marvin103Toothache
SUNDAY: 04/27/2014
6:00AMBig Time Rush220Big Time Wedding
6:30AMBig Time Rush221Big Time Prom King
7:00AMVICTORiOUS112Cat's New Boyfriend
7:30AMVICTORiOUS113Sleepover at Sikowitz's
8:00AMNedís Declassified106Sick Days / Spelling Bees
8:30AMNedís Declassified107Rumors / Photo Day
9:00AMNedís Declassified108Talent Show / Elections
9:30AMNedís Declassified109Computer Lab / Backpacks
10:00AMVICTORiOUS113Sleepover at Sikowitz's
10:30AMVICTORiOUS114The Wood
11:00AMBig Time Rush221Big Time Prom King
11:30AMBig Time Rush222Big Time Contest
12:00PMZoey 101320Hands on a Blix Van
12:30PMZoey 101321Dance Contest
1:00PMVICTORiOUS114The Wood
1:30PMVICTORiOUS115The Great Ping Pong Scam
2:00PMBig Time Rush222Big Time Contest
2:30PMBig Time Rush223Big Time Rocker
3:00PMDrake & Josh101Pilot
3:30PMDrake & Josh106Dune Buggy
4:00PMNedís Declassified109Computer Lab / Backpacks
4:30PMNedís Declassified110Notes / Best Friends
5:00PMZoey 101321Dance Contest
5:30PMZoey 101322Miss PCA
6:00PMBig Time Rush213Big Time Girl Group
6:30PMBig Time Rush216Big Time Reality
7:00PMNedís Declassified110Notes / Best Friends
7:30PMNedís Declassified111Daydreaming / Gym
8:00PMZoey 101322Miss PCA
8:30PMZoey 101323Logan Gets Cut Off
9:00PMDegrassi1330Sparks Will Fly (2)
9:30PMDrake & Josh201Guitar
10:00PMDrake & Josh202The Bet
10:30PMDrake & Josh203Movie Job
11:00PMDrake & Josh204Pool Shark
11:30PMDrake & Josh205Football
12:00AMAll That356Episode 356
12:30AMAll That357Episode 357
1:00AMCatDog045Remain Seated / CatDog Catcher
1:30AMCatDog046Silents Please! / Gorilla My Dreams
2:00AMAll That356Episode 356
2:30AMAll That357Episode 357
3:00AMCatDog045Remain Seated / CatDog Catcher
3:30AMCatDog046Silents Please! / Gorilla My Dreams
4:00AMMarvin Marvin103Toothache
4:30AMMarvin Marvin104Basketball
5:00AMMarvin Marvin105Improbable Story
5:30AMMarvin Marvin106Ice Pop Pop
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