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Disney Channel Schedule: 11/28/2014 - 11/30/2014
Schedule subject to change without notice. Times may be different in your area; consult your local listings.
FRIDAY: 11/28/2014
6:00AMOctonauts110Humu Humus / Giant Spider Crab
6:30AMChuggington117Hodge's Secret / Wilson Gets a Wash
7:00AMJake and the Never Land Pirates314Sleeping Mermaid / Jake's Mega-Mecha Sword
7:30AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse516Mickey's Pirate Adventure
8:30AMOctonauts305Sea Skaters / Siphonophore New
9:00AMSofia the First214Scrambled Pets
9:30AMDoc McStuffins226Hazel Has a Sleepover / My Breakfast With Bronty
10:00AMAustin & Ally302What Ifs & Where's Austin
10:30AMAustin & Ally303Presidents & Problems
11:00AMLiv and Maddie201Premiere-A-Rooney
11:30AMLiv and Maddie205Match-A-Rooney
12:00PMI Didnít Do It112Lindy Nose Best
12:30PMI Didnít Do It113Logan's Run
1:00PMJESSIE116Evil Times Two
1:30PMJESSIE117Gotcha Day
2:00PMGirl Meets World107Girl Meets Crazy Hat
2:30PMGirl Meets World102Girl Meets Boy
3:00PMGirl Meets World104Girl Meets Sneak Attack
3:30PMGirl Meets World114Girl Meets 1961
4:00PMDog With A Blog224The Kids Find Out Stan Blogs
4:30PMDog With A Blog301Guess Who Gets Expelled?
5:00PMDog With A Blog303Avery Schools Tyler
5:30PMDog With A Blog304Stan Falls in Love
6:00PMGirl Meets World109Girl Meets Friendship
6:30PMGirl Meets World112Girl Meets Maya's Mother
7:00PMDog With A Blog305Avery vs. Teacher New
7:30PMGirl Meets World105Girl Meets Brother New
8:00PMJESSIE399Jessie's Aloha Holidays with Parker and Joey New
9:00PMStar Wars Rebels109Gathering Forces New
9:30PMGravity Falls207Society of the Blind Eye New
10:00PMI Didnít Do It115In the Doghouse with the White House
10:30PMLiv and Maddie205Match-A-Rooney
11:00PMGirl Meets World111Girl Meets Popular
11:30PMLiv and Maddie108Dodge-A-Rooney
12:00AMDog With A Blog114The Truck Stops Here
12:30AMAustin & Ally224Real Life & Reel Life
1:00AMA.N.T. Farm209endurANTs
1:30AMA.N.T. Farm217influANTces
2:00AMAustin & Ally116Diners & Daters
2:30AMDisney Channel MovieCadet Kelly
4:30AMThe Suite Life on Deck214Rollin' With the Holmies
5:00AMPhineas and Ferb224Just Passing Through / Candaceís Big Day
5:30AMPhineas and Ferb225Invasion of the Ferb Snatchers / Ain't No Kiddie Ride
SATURDAY: 11/29/2014
6:00AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse414Sea Captain Mickey
6:30AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse404Mickey's Farm Fun-Fair!
7:00AMJake and the Never Land Pirates327Grandpa Bones / The Arctic Pearl
7:30AMDoc McStuffins225Take Your Doc to Work Day / Blazer's Bike
8:00AMSofia the First232The Curse of Princess Ivy
9:00AMAustin & Ally313Glee Clubs & Glory
9:30AMJESSIE303Understudied and Overdone
10:00AMDog With A Blog305Avery vs. Teacher
10:30AMGirl Meets World105Girl Meets Brother
11:00AMJESSIE399Jessie's Aloha Holidays with Parker and Joey
12:00PMDisney Channel MovieEloise at Christmastime
1:30PMA.N.T. Farm308unforseen circumstANTs
2:00PMA.N.T. Farm303independANTs
2:30PMA.N.T. Farm306animal husbANTry
3:00PMGirl Meets World112Girl Meets Maya's Mother
3:30PMGirl Meets World118Girl Meets Smackle
4:00PMGirl Meets World116Girl Meets Flaws
4:30PMDog With A Blog204Stan Makes His Mark
5:00PMDog With A Blog205Tyler Gets a Grillfriend
5:30PMDog With A Blog208Who's Training Who?
6:00PMLiv and Maddie204Kathy Kan-A-Rooney
6:30PMDisney Channel SpecialGood Luck JESSIE: NYC Christmas
7:30PMDisney Channel MovieThe Nightmare Before Christmas
9:00PMJESSIE399Jessie's Aloha Holidays with Parker and Joey
10:00PMLab Rats221'Twas the Mission Before Christmas
10:30PMLab Rats214Avalanche!
11:00PMGirl Meets World106Girl Meets Father
11:30PMLiv and Maddie103Skate-A-Rooney
12:00AMI Didnít Do It118Ball or Nothing
12:30AMI Didnít Do It109Phone Challenge
1:00AMDog With A Blog113Avery's First Crush
1:30AMAustin & Ally117Successes & Setbacks
2:00AMDog With A Blog116A New Baby?
2:30AMDisney Channel MovieMinutemen
4:15AMDisney Mickey Mouse103Tokyo Go! / Bad Ear Day / Dog Show
4:30AMThe Suite Life on Deck216I Brake for Whales
5:00AMPhineas and Ferb226Wizard of Odd
5:30AMPhineas and Ferb227The Beak
SUNDAY: 11/30/2014
6:00AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse405Quest for the Crystal Mickey!
6:30AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse418Mickey's Happy Mousekeday
7:00AMJake and the Never Land Pirates329ShiverJack / Treasure Tunnel Trouble
7:30AMDoc McStuffins113Blame it on the Rain / Busted Boomer
8:00AMDoc McStuffins228Shell Shy / Commander No
8:30AMSofia the First120Great Aunt-Venture
9:00AMDisney Channel MovieEloise at Christmastime
10:30AMDisney Channel MovieThe Nightmare Before Christmas
12:00PMStar Wars Rebels109Gathering Forces
12:30PMAustin & Ally317Directors & Divas
1:00PMDog With A Blog209Avery B. Jealous
1:30PMDog With A Blog220Pod People from Pasadena
2:00PMDog With A Blog210Lost In Stanslation
2:30PMDog With A Blog217How I Met Your Brother... And Sister
3:00PMJESSIE224Panic Attack Room
3:30PMJESSIE225Break-Up and Shape-Up
4:00PMJESSIE226Diary of a Mad Newswoman
4:30PMLiv and Maddie112Move-A-Rooney
5:00PMA.N.T. Farm310silANT night
5:30PMLiv and Maddie111Fa-la-la-A-Rooney
6:00PMDog With A Blog207'Twas the Fight Before Christmas
6:30PMAustin & Ally310Mix-Ups & Mistletoe
7:00PMJESSIE399Jessie's Aloha Holidays with Parker and Joey
8:00PMDisney Channel MovieSanta Buddies
9:30PMJESSIE317Where's Zuri?
10:00PMAustin & Ally315Proms & Promises
10:30PMDog With A Blog216Will Sing for Food Truck
11:00PMGirl Meets World101Girl Meets World
11:30PMLiv and Maddie113Brain-A-Rooney
Upcoming Premieres
11.28 - 08:30 AM - Octonauts
11.28 - 07:00 PM - Dog With A Blog
11.28 - 07:00 PM - Nickelodeon Movie
11.28 - 07:30 PM - Girl Meets World
11.28 - 08:00 PM - JESSIE
11.28 - 09:00 PM - Legend of Korra, The
11.28 - 09:00 PM - Star Wars Rebels
11.28 - 09:30 PM - Gravity Falls
11.28 - 09:30 PM - Legend of Korra, The
11.28 - 10:00 PM - Legend of Korra, The

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