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Disney Channel Schedule: 7/31/2014 - 8/1/2014

Schedule subject to change without notice. Times may be different in your area; consult your local listings.
6:00AMOctonauts117The Enormous Elephant Seal / The Sardine School
6:30AMOctonauts125Marine Iguanas / Dwarf Lanternshark
7:00AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse328Goofy's Goofbot
7:30AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse312Donald Hatches An Egg
8:00AMJake and the Never Land Pirates231Pirate Pals! / Treasurefalls!
8:30AMSofia the First116Make Way for Miss Nettle
9:00AMDoc McStuffins213The Big Sleepover / No Sweetah Cheetah
9:30AMDoc McStuffins203Diagnosis Not Even Close-Is / Bronty's Twisted Tail
10:00AMSofia the First202Two Princesses and Baby
10:30AMDisney Mickey Mouse103Tokyo Go! / Bad Ear Day / Dog Show New
10:45AMJESSIE215Kids Don't Wanna Be Shunned
11:15AMJESSIE219All the Knight Moves
11:30AMJESSIE221Somebunny's in Trouble
12:00PMJESSIE210Teacher's Pest
12:30PMDog With A Blog107Dog Loses Girl
1:00PMDog With A Blog120My Parents Posted What?!
1:30PMDog With A Blog112Guess Who's A Cheerleader
2:00PMDog With A Blog122Avery's First Breakup
2:30PMI Didnít Do It103The New Guy
3:00PMI Didnít Do It105Lindylicious
3:30PMI Didnít Do It111Dance Fever
4:00PMAustin & Ally111Deejays & Demos
4:30PMAustin & Ally105Zaliens & Cloud Watchers
5:00PMAustin & Ally104Bloggers & Butterflies
5:30PMAustin & Ally110Songwriting & Starfish
6:00PMGood Luck Charlie315Team Mom
6:30PMGood Luck Charlie319Charlie Whisperer
7:00PMDog With A Blog217How I Met Your Brother... And Sister
7:30PMJESSIE317Where's Zuri?
8:00PMDisney Channel MovieUp
9:30PMGirl Meets World102Girl Meets Boy
10:00PMAustin & Ally311Hunks & Homecoming
10:30PMJESSIE318Spaced Out
11:00PMDog With A Blog218The Green-Eyed Monster
11:30PMA.N.T. Farm316unwANTed
12:00AMGood Luck Charlie225Ditch Day
12:30AMGood Luck Charlie111Kit and Kaboodle
1:00AMThe Suite Life on Deck201Smarticle Particles
1:30AMThe Suite Life on Deck202Kitchen Casanova
2:00AMWizards of Waverly Place303Monster Hunter
2:30AMWizards of Waverly Place304Three Monsters
3:00AMShake It Up305Home Alone It Up
3:30AMA.N.T. Farm216early retiremANT
4:00AMThe Suite Life on Deck303Das Boots (Submarine)
4:30AMThe Suite Life on Deck304Bon Voyage
5:00AMPhineas and Ferb323Delivery of Destiny / Let's Bounce
5:30AMPhineas and Ferb418Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror
Nicktoons Schedule: 7/31/2014 - 8/1/2014

Schedule subject to change without notice. Times may be different in your area; consult your local listings.
6:00AMPower Rangers Megaforce301Mega Mission
6:30AMPower Rangers Megaforce302He Blasted Me With Science
7:00AMDragon Ball GT039Baby Put to Rest
7:30AMDigimon Fusion026Shoutmon: Bogus King or the Real Thing?
8:00AMAvatar201The Avatar State
8:30AMAvatar202The Cave of Two Lovers
9:00AMPower Rangers Megaforce304Stranger Ranger
9:30AMPower Rangers Samurai204Something Fishy
10:00AMKung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness110Challenge Day
10:30AMKung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness102Sticky Situation
11:00AMBack at the Barnyard218Mission: Save Bigfoot / Mrs. Beady Takes a Holiday
11:30AMBack at the Barnyard108Raging Cow / The Great Sheep Escape
12:00PMRobot and Monster114Apartment 3Ĺ / Donít! Walk!
12:30PMRobot and Monster104The Blimp / Come On, Get Happy
1:00PMThe Penguins of Madagascar208Wishful Thinking / April Fools
1:30PMThe Penguins of Madagascar113Otter Gone Wild / Catís Cradle
2:00PMPlanet Sheen106Keeping Up with the Gronzes / Torzilla
2:30PMPlanet Sheen108Act I, Sheen I / Money Suits Sheen
3:00PMTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles208The Kraang Conspiracy
3:30PMTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles209The Good, The Bad, and Casey Jones
4:00PMMonsters vs. Aliens118Number Seven! / The Friend Who Wasn't There
4:30PMMonsters vs. Aliens103The Bath Effect / The Fruit of All Evil
5:00PMKung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness110Challenge Day
5:30PMKung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness310Po Picks a Pocket
6:00PMTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles210Fungus Humungous
6:30PMTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles211Metalhead Rewired
7:00PMAvatar318Sozinís Comet (1): The Phoenix King
7:30PMAvatar319Sozinís Comet (2): The Old Masters
8:00PMBrainSurge323Episode 323
8:30PMBrainSurge324Episode 324
9:00PMNickelodeon MovieFRED: The Movie
10:45PMNickelodeon MovieNicky Deuce
12:15AMSpongeBob SquarePants039BThe Fry Cook Games
12:30AMKung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness104Chain Reaction
1:00AMKung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness116Hall of Lame
1:30AMKung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness112Po Fans Out
2:00AMKung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness210Qilin Time
2:30AMKung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness122The Kung Fu Kid
3:00AMRobot and Monster119AThe Package
3:15AMRobot and Monster120The Super Pole / Boomerang
3:45AMRobot and Monster109Pinball Wizard / Speak, Marf, Speak
4:00AMSupah Ninjas125Ninja Intervention
4:30AMSupah Ninjas126Cousin Connor
4:45AMFanboy & Chum Chum108ABrain Drain
5:00AMFanboy & Chum Chum220Hex Games / Speed Eraser
5:30AMFanboy & Chum Chum225Super Chums
Nickelodeon Schedule: 7/31/2014

Schedule subject to change without notice. Times may be different in your area; consult your local listings.
6:30AMInstant Mom115Buy Any Jeans Necessary
7:00AMPAW Patrol114Pups Save the Bay / Pups Save a Goodway
7:30AMPAW Patrol123Pups and the Beanstalk / Pups Save the Turbots
8:00AMWallykazam!108Day in the Dark
8:30AMWallykazam!101Naptime for Borgelorp
9:00AMPAW Patrol120Pups Save a Monkey / Pups Save a Hoot
9:30AMPAW Patrol101Pups Make a Splash / Pups Fall Festival
10:00AMSpongeBob SquarePants005Pizza Delivery / Home Sweet Pineapple
10:30AMSpongeBob SquarePants045Mermaidman and Barnacleboy IV / Doing Time
11:00AMSpongeBob SquarePants001Help Wanted / Reef Blower / Tea at the Treedome
11:30AMSpongeBob SquarePants014SB-129 / Karate Choppers
12:00PMHenry Danger999The Danger Begins
1:00PMSanjay and Craig201Hot Sauce Boss / Ghost Pool
1:30PMRabbids Invasion120Rabbid Like Me / Rabbid Mozart / Raving Alien
2:00PMThe Fairly OddParents064Timmyís 2D House of Horror / Itís A Wishful Life
2:30PMThe Fairly OddParents120Operation Dinkleberg / Spellementary School
3:00PMThe Fairly OddParents136Dog Gone / Turner Back Time
3:30PMSpongeBob SquarePants104Not Normal / Gone
4:00PMSpongeBob SquarePants157Squidward's School for Grown-Ups / Oral Report
4:30PMSpongeBob SquarePants176Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up is Go! / Chum Fricassee
5:30PMiCarly207iHurt Lewbert
6:00PMiCarly219iWant My Website Back
6:30PMThe Thundermans119Paging Dr. Thunderman
7:00PMSam & Cat106#GoomerSitting
7:30PMEvery Witch Way218Beach Birthday Bash New
8:00PMNickelodeon MovieCloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (2009)
Nick Jr. Schedule: 7/31/2014 - 8/1/2014

Schedule subject to change without notice. Times may be different in your area; consult your local listings.
6:00AMPeppa Pig125Polly's Boat Trip / Grandpa at the Playground / The Fire Engine / Funfair / Delphine Donkey
6:30AMPeppa Pig114Recycling / The Boat Pond / Traffic Jam / Bedtime / Sports Day
7:00AMMax & Ruby054Picture Perfect / Detective Ruby / Superbunny Saves the Cake
7:30AMMax & Ruby055Ruby Gets the Picture / Ruby's Birdie / Max Plays Catch
8:00AMTickety Toc103Flying Time / Pirate Time
8:30AMTickety Toc106Leaf Sweeping Time / Dress Up Time
9:00AMLittle Bear053Duck Loses Her Quack / Feathers in a Bunch / Detective Little Bear
9:30AMDino Dan124Dino Strike / Nothing But the Tooth
10:00AMNi Hao, Kai-Lan113Beach Day
10:30AMNi Hao, Kai-Lan109Wait, Hoho, Wait!
11:00AMMiss Spiderís Sunny Patch Friends204Fungus Among Us / Ground Bound
11:30AMMiss Spiderís Sunny Patch Friends116Taste-Bugs / Top O'Big Tree
12:00PMYo Gabba Gabba210Animals
12:30PMYo Gabba Gabba212Flying
1:00PMOlivia113Oliviaís Magic Act / Olivia and the School Concert
1:30PMOlivia109Olivia Visits the Aquarium / Olivia Goes International
2:00PMTickety Toc103Flying Time / Pirate Time
2:30PMTickety Toc106Leaf Sweeping Time / Dress Up Time
3:00PMMike the Knight115Mike the Knight and the Big Parade / Mike the Knight and Sparkie's Amazing Thing
3:30PMMike the Knight112Mike the Knight and Squirt's Story / Mike the Knight and the Real Sword
4:00PMLalaloopsy118Sleepless in Lalaloopsy Land
4:30PMLalaloopsy101Dot's Moon Mission
5:00PMJulius Jr.108Gravity Games / No Snow Mo
5:30PMPeppa Pig125Polly's Boat Trip / Grandpa at the Playground / The Fire Engine / Funfair / Delphine Donkey
6:00PMMike the Knight222Mike the Knight and Galahad's Birthday / Mike the Knight and the Stolen Staff
6:30PMPeppa Pig113Rock Pools / Mr. Scarecrow / Windy Autumn Day / The Time Capsule / George's Friend
7:00PMDora the Explorer420Blown Away Boots
7:30PMDora the Explorer501Doraís Jack-in-the-Box
8:00PMBubble Guppies105We Totally Rock!
8:30PMBubble Guppies214Bubble-Cadabra
9:00PMPeppa Pig114Recycling / The Boat Pond / Traffic Jam / Bedtime / Sports Day
9:30PMPeppa Pig113Rock Pools / Mr. Scarecrow / Windy Autumn Day / The Time Capsule / George's Friend
10:00PMNickMom ProgrammingNickMom Programming
2:00AMYo Gabba Gabba210Animals
2:30AMYo Gabba Gabba212Flying
3:00AMThe Fresh Beat Band114Smoothies To Go-Go
3:30AMThe Fresh Beat Band107Bounce in the House
4:00AMThe Wonder Pets118Save the Goldfish! / Save the Baby Birds!
4:30AMThe Wonder Pets113Save the Wonder Pets!
Disney Junior Schedule: 7/31/2014 - 8/1/2014
Schedule subject to change without notice. Times may be different in your area; consult your local listings.
6:00AMBabar and the Adventures of Badou123Sneaking Past / Crash N Dash
6:30AMHenry Hugglemonster111Monster Mail Madness / Cobby's Comfort Cruiser
7:00AMSpecial Agent Oso113Tie Another Day / You Only Start Pre-School Once
7:30AMSpecial Agent Oso116Thunder Berries / Flowers Are Forever
8:00AMSheriff Callieís Wild West108Tricky Trouble / Toby's Untrue Achoo!
8:30AMDoc McStuffins225Take Your Doc to Work Day / Blazer's Bike
9:00AMSofia the First126Four's a Crowd
9:30AMSofia the First107Baileywick's Day Off
10:00AMJake and the Never Land Pirates215Cookin' with Hook! / Captain Flynn's New Matey
10:30AMJake and the Never Land Pirates301Treasure of the Pirate Mummy's Tomb / Mystery of the Missing Treasure!
11:00AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse107Mickey Goes Fishing
11:30AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse237Donald's Ducks
12:00PMLittle Einsteins229The Great Schubert's Guessing Game
12:30PMLittle Einsteins230Silly Sock Saves the Circus
1:00PMChuggington306Wobbly Wheels / Top Secret Koko
1:30PMChuggington118Brewster Knows Best / Wilson and the Ice Cream
2:00PMHenry Hugglemonster108Number One Fan / Henry's Hugglefish
2:30PMOctonauts212Gulper Eels / Lionfish
3:00PMMickey Mouse Clubhouse111Daisy's Dance
3:30PMMickey Mouse Clubhouse309Mickey's Fishy Story
4:00PMDoc McStuffins222A Fairy Big Knot / Rosie the Rescuer
4:30PMDoc McStuffins113Blame it on the Rain / Busted Boomer
5:00PMSheriff Callieís Wild West112King Stinky / Abigail's Extra Big Story
5:30PMJake and the Never Land Pirates316Nanny Nell / Izzy and the Sea-Unicorn
6:00PMJake and the Never Land Pirates216Hook and the Itty-Bitty Kitty / Pirate Campout
6:30PMMickey Mouse Clubhouse113Mickey-Go-Seek
7:00PMSofia the First103Let the Good Times Troll
7:30PMDoc McStuffins121The Dark Knight / Hallie Gets an Earful
8:00PMElla the Elephant113Ella's Sleepless Sleepover / Ella for Class President
8:30PMSheriff Callieís Wild West101Horseshoe Peck / Callie's Gold Nugget
9:00PMMickey Mouse Clubhouse108Goofy on Mars
9:30PMMickey Mouse Clubhouse219Mickey's Art Show
10:00PMOctonauts210Manatees / Mimic Octopus
10:30PMChuggington306Wobbly Wheels / Top Secret Koko
11:00PMJake and the Never Land Pirates305The Singing Stones / The Mermaid Queen's Voice
11:30PMDoc McStuffins103Knight Time / A Bad Case of the Pricklethorns
12:00AMGaspard and Lisa118Best Bicycle Friends / The School Project
12:30AMHandy Manny348The Right Stuff / Vet Visit
1:00AMHandy Manny352Hank's Birthday
1:30AMOctonauts123The Baby Dolphin / The Scary Spookfish
2:00AMOctonauts210Manatees / Mimic Octopus
2:30AMJungle Junction202Ripe Fruit Bungo / Caterpillar Crossing
3:00AMJungle Junction220Zooter Gets a Beetlebug / Dozer's Magic Kettle
3:30AMRolie Polie Olie301Pretend Friend / Beddy Day for Daddy / Chunk Squarey
4:00AMRolie Polie Olie224Detective Polie's Cookie Caper / The Lie / Guess It's Nite Nite
4:30AMSpecial Agent Oso113Tie Another Day / You Only Start Pre-School Once
5:00AMSpecial Agent Oso116Thunder Berries / Flowers Are Forever
5:30AMHenry Hugglemonster104The Piano Lesson / Monster Wave
Upcoming Premieres
07.31 - 10:30 AM - Disney Mickey Mouse
07.31 - 07:30 PM - Every Witch Way
08.01 - 07:30 AM - Chuggington
08.01 - 09:30 AM - Sofia the First
08.01 - 10:30 AM - Disney Mickey Mouse
08.01 - 03:00 PM - Fairly OddParents, The
08.01 - 06:00 PM - Mike the Knight
08.01 - 07:30 PM - Every Witch Way
08.01 - 08:00 PM - Dog With A Blog

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