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Disney Channel Schedule: 10/2/2014 - 10/6/2014
Schedule subject to change without notice. Times may be different in your area; consult your local listings.
THURSDAY: 10/02/2014
6:00AMOctonauts103The Flying Fish / The Narwhal
6:30AMOctonauts121The Seahorse Tale / The Enemy Anemones
7:00AMChuggington120Jetpack Wilson / Famous Emery
7:30AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse302Daisy's Grasshopper
8:00AMJake and the Never Land Pirates111Surfin' Turf / The Seahorse Roundup
8:30AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse104Donald's Big Balloon Race
9:00AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse324Goofy's Gone
9:30AMDoc McStuffins216Celestial Celeste / Run Doc Run!
10:00AMDoc McStuffins202Awesome Guy's Awesome Arm / Lamb in a Jam
10:30AMSofia the First213Mystic Meadows
11:00AMSofia the First109The Tri-Kingdom Picnic
11:30AMSheriff Callieís Wild West105AToby the Cowsitter
12:00PMMickey Mouse Clubhouse327Mickey's Little Parade
12:30PMMickey Mouse Clubhouse120Donald's Lost Lion
1:00PMDoc McStuffins221The Big Storm / Spritzy Mitzi
1:30PMDoc McStuffins125Un-burr-able / Righty-on-Lefty
2:00PMLiv and Maddie101Twin-A-Rooney
2:30PMLiv and Maddie102Team-A-Rooney
3:00PMLiv and Maddie105Kang-A-Rooney
3:30PMLiv and Maddie118Flashback-A-Rooney
4:00PMGood Luck Charlie316Guys & Dolls
4:30PMGood Luck Charlie417Accepted
5:00PMDog With A Blog208Who's Training Who?
5:30PMDog With A Blog221The Mutt and the Mogul
6:00PMGirl Meets World102Girl Meets Boy
6:30PMGirl Meets World103Girl Meets the Truth
7:00PMDog With A Blog223Stan Gets Schooled
7:30PMLiv and Maddie120Song-A-Rooney
8:00PMDog With A Blog302Howloween 2: The Final Reckoning New
8:30PMGirl Meets World108Girl Meets World: Of Terror New
9:00PMJESSIE325The Runaway Bride of Frankentstein New
9:30PMA.N.T. Farm311mutANT farm 3.0
10:00PMWolfblood102Mysterious Development
10:30PMGood Luck Charlie416Weekend in Vegas
11:00PMMy Babysitter's a Vampire103Friday Night Frights
11:30PMMy Babysitter's a Vampire104Blue Moon
12:00AMGood Luck Charlie104Double Whammy
12:30AMGood Luck Charlie105Up a Tree
1:00AMThe Suite Life on Deck225Once Upon a Suite Life
1:30AMThe Suite Life on Deck305Silent Treatment
2:00AMWizards of Waverly Place104I Almost Drowned In A Chocolate Fountain
2:30AMWizards of Waverly Place105Pop Me and We Both Go Down
3:00AMShake It Up311Clean It Up
3:30AMA.N.T. Farm211amusemANT park
4:00AMThe Suite Life on Deck306So You Think You Can Date?
4:30AMThe Suite Life on Deck312Frozen
5:00AMPhineas and Ferb109One Good Scare Ought to Do It
5:30AMPhineas and Ferb116Phineas and Ferb Get Busted
FRIDAY: 10/03/2014
6:00AMOctonauts101The Undersea Storm / The Giant Squid
6:30AMOctonauts104The Monster Map / The Crab & Urchin
7:00AMChuggington121Training Time Harrison / Koko Pulls it Off
7:30AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse301Goofy's Magical Mix-Up
8:00AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse112Mickey's Treat
8:30AMJake and the Never Land Pirates309Pirate Ghost Story / Queen Izzy-bella New
9:00AMSofia the First211Ghostly Gala New
9:30AMDoc McStuffins223Mirror, Mirror on My Penguin / Hide and Eek! New
10:00AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse514Super Adventure!
11:00AMDoc McStuffins112Boo-Hoo to You! / It's Glow Time
11:30AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse323Minnie's Masquerade
12:00PMSofia the First119Princess Butterfly
12:30PMMickey Mouse Clubhouse432The Wizard of Dizz!
1:30PMJake and the Never Land Pirates107Night of the Golden Pirate Pumpkin / Trick or Treasure!
2:00PMDog With A Blog101Stan of the House
2:30PMDog With A Blog102The Fast and the Furriest
3:00PMDog With A Blog114The Truck Stops Here
3:30PMDog With A Blog112Guess Who's A Cheerleader
4:00PMAustin & Ally213Spas & Spices
4:30PMAustin & Ally217Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction
5:00PMAustin & Ally221Sports & Sprains
5:30PMDog With A Blog302Howloween 2: The Final Reckoning
6:00PMGirl Meets World108Girl Meets World: Of Terror
6:30PMJESSIE325The Runaway Bride of Frankentstein
7:00PMDisney Channel MovieWreck-It Ralph New
9:00PMStar Wars Rebels116Spark of Rebellion New
10:00PMDog With A Blog203Howloween
10:30PMDog With A Blog302Howloween 2: The Final Reckoning
11:00PMMy Babysitter's a Vampire105Blood Drive
11:30PMMy Babysitter's a Vampire106Doug the Vampire Hunter
12:00AMAustin & Ally219Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing
12:30AMAustin & Ally221Sports & Sprains
1:00AMDog With A Blog112Guess Who's A Cheerleader
1:30AMDog With A Blog114The Truck Stops Here
2:00AMDog With A Blog102The Fast and the Furriest
2:30AMDisney Channel MovieNow You See It
4:00AMThe Suite Life on Deck320Senior Ditch Day
4:30AMThe Suite Life on Deck321Prom Night
5:00AMPhineas and Ferb120Put That Putter Away / Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?
5:30AMPhineas and Ferb124Out to Launch
SATURDAY: 10/04/2014
6:00AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse229Pluto's Playmate
6:30AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse204Goofy Baby
7:00AMJake and the Never Land Pirates309Pirate Ghost Story / Queen Izzy-bella
7:30AMDoc McStuffins223Mirror, Mirror on My Penguin / Hide and Eek!
8:00AMSheriff Callieís Wild West110Toby Braves the Bully / The Tumbling Tumbleweed New
8:30AMSofia the First211Ghostly Gala
9:00AMJESSIE325The Runaway Bride of Frankentstein
9:30AMDog With A Blog302Howloween 2: The Final Reckoning
10:00AMDisney Channel MovieWreck-It Ralph
12:00PMStar Wars Rebels116Spark of Rebellion
1:00PMJESSIE202The Whining
1:30PMJESSIE204Trashin' Fashion
2:00PMGood Luck Charlie318Le Halloween
2:30PMGood Luck Charlie319Charlie Whisperer
3:00PMLiv and Maddie112Move-A-Rooney
3:30PMLiv and Maddie109Switch-A-Rooney
4:00PMLiv and Maddie115Moms-A-Rooney
4:30PMJESSIE211To Be Me, or Not To Be Me
5:00PMJESSIE214Why Do Foils Fall Love?
5:30PMJESSIE223We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges
6:00PMAustin & Ally105Zaliens & Cloud Watchers
6:30PMLiv and Maddie105Kang-A-Rooney
7:00PMJESSIE301Ghost Bummers
7:30PMDog With A Blog203Howloween
8:00PMPhineas and Ferb432Night of the Living Pharmacists New
9:00PMGravity Falls206Little Gift Shop of Horrors New
9:30PMWander Over Yonder119AThe Gift II: The Giftening New
9:45PMPhineas and Ferb419ADruselsteinoween
10:00PMMighty Med1-100There's a Storm Coming New
11:00PMJESSIE223We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges
11:30PMJESSIE214Why Do Foils Fall Love?
12:00AMJESSIE211To Be Me, or Not To Be Me
12:30AMJESSIE202The Whining
1:00AMLiv and Maddie115Moms-A-Rooney
1:30AMLiv and Maddie109Switch-A-Rooney
2:00AMLiv and Maddie112Move-A-Rooney
2:30AMDisney Channel MoviePhantom of the Megaplex
4:00AMThe Suite Life on Deck121Cruisin' For a Bruisin'
4:30AMThe Suite Life on Deck104Show & Tell
5:00AMPhineas and Ferb201The Lake Nose Monster
5:30AMPhineas and Ferb202Interview with a Platypus / Tip of the Day
SUNDAY: 10/05/2014
6:00AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse311Pluto Lends a Paw
6:30AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse402Donald Jr.
7:00AMJake and the Never Land Pirates226Jake and Sneaky LeBeak / Cubby the Brave!
7:30AMDoc McStuffins122Hallie Happy Birthday / Shark Style Tooth Ache
8:00AMDoc McStuffins227Doc's Busy Day / Wrong Side of the Law
8:30AMSofia the First203The Flying Crown
9:00AMJESSIE226Diary of a Mad Newswoman
9:30AMAustin & Ally306Princesses & Prizes
10:00AMAustin & Ally307Cupids & Cuties
10:30AMLiv and Maddie202Pottery-A-Rooney
11:00AMI Didnít Do It117Bad News
11:30AMAustin & Ally319Beauties & Bullies
12:00PMGirl Meets World111Girl Meets Popular
12:30PMGirl Meets World114Girl Meets 1961
1:00PMGirl Meets World118Girl Meets Smackle
1:30PMA.N.T. Farm118mutANT farm
2:00PMA.N.T. Farm210mutANT farm 2
2:30PMA.N.T. Farm311mutANT farm 3.0
3:00PMAustin & Ally101Rockers & Writers
3:30PMAustin & Ally103Secrets & Songbooks
4:00PMAustin & Ally104Bloggers & Butterflies
4:30PMAustin & Ally106Burglaries & Boobytraps
5:00PMAustin & Ally107Tickets & Trashbags
5:30PMAustin & Ally108Managers & Meatballs
6:00PMJESSIE109Creepy Connie Comes a Callin'
6:30PMJESSIE123Creepy Connie's Curtain Call
7:00PMDog With A Blog302Howloween 2: The Final Reckoning
7:30PMJESSIE325The Runaway Bride of Frankentstein
8:00PMAustin & Ally318Horror Stories & Halloween Scares New
8:30PMLiv and Maddie207Helgaween-A-Rooney New
9:00PMI Didnít Do It120Next of Pumpkin New
9:30PMGirl Meets World108Girl Meets World: Of Terror
10:00PMJESSIE310Snack Attack
10:30PMDog With A Blog210Lost In Stanslation
11:00PMA.N.T. Farm311mutANT farm 3.0
11:30PMA.N.T. Farm210mutANT farm 2
12:00AMGood Luck Charlie106The Curious Case of Mr. Dabney
12:30AMGood Luck Charlie107Charlie Did It!
1:00AMThe Suite Life on Deck105International Dateline
1:30AMWizards of Waverly Place116Quinceanera
2:00AMShake It Up312I Do It Up
2:30AMDisney Channel MovieUnder Wraps
4:15AMDisney Mickey Mouse101Croissant de Triomphe / No Service / New York Weenie
4:30AMThe Suite Life on Deck109Flowers and Chocolate
5:00AMPhineas and Ferb203Attack of the 50 Foot Sister / Backyard Aquarium
5:30AMPhineas and Ferb204Day of the Living Gelatin! / Elementary, My Dear Stacy
Upcoming Premieres
10.02 - 08:00 PM - Dog With A Blog
10.02 - 08:00 PM - Instant Mom
10.02 - 08:30 PM - Girl Meets World
10.02 - 08:30 PM - See Dad Run
10.02 - 09:00 PM - JESSIE
10.03 - 09:00 AM - Sofia the First
10.03 - 09:30 AM - Doc McStuffins
10.03 - 07:00 PM - Disney Channel Movie

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