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Disney Channel Schedule: 8/21/2014 - 8/25/2014
Schedule subject to change without notice. Times may be different in your area; consult your local listings.
THURSDAY: 08/21/2014
6:00AMDisney Junior MovieTinker Bell and the Lost Treasure
7:30AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse317Super Goof's Super Puzzle
8:00AMJake and the Never Land Pirates229Jakes Special Delivery! / Seahorse Saddle-Up!
8:30AMSofia the First126Four's a Crowd
9:00AMDoc McStuffins114Ben/Anna Split / That's Just Claw-ful
9:30AMDoc McStuffins122Hallie Happy Birthday / Shark Style Tooth Ache
10:00AMSofia the First210Sofia the Second
10:30AMDoc McStuffins216BRun Doc Run!
10:45AMDisney Junior MovieLucky Duck
11:30AMDisney Channel MovieTinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue
1:00PMAustin & Ally220Tunes & Trials
1:30PMGood Luck Charlie408Sister, Sister
2:00PMGood Luck Charlie409Charlie 4, Toby 1
2:30PMGood Luck Charlie410Teddy's New Beau
3:00PMDog With A Blog218The Green-Eyed Monster
3:30PMDog With A Blog219Love, Loss, and a Beanbag Toss
4:00PMDisney Channel MovieCamp Rock
5:45PMLiv and Maddie110Dump-A-Rooney
6:15PMLiv and Maddie117Shoe-A-Rooney
6:30PMLiv and Maddie119BFF-A-Rooney
7:00PMJESSIE311Creepy Connie 3: The Creepening
7:30PMI Didnít Do It106If It Tastes Like a Brussels Sprout
8:00PMAustin & Ally313Glee Clubs & Glory
8:30PMGirl Meets World104Girl Meets Sneak Attack
9:00PMDisney Channel MovieCamp Rock 2: The Final Jam
10:45PMDisney Mickey Mouse106O Futebol Classico / Flipperboobootosis / The Adorable Couple
11:00PMJESSIE313Help Not Wanted
11:30PMI Didnít Do It110Twin It To Win It
12:00AMGravity Falls103The Inconveniencing
12:30AMGood Luck Charlie116Kwikki Chick
1:00AMThe Suite Life on Deck315My Sister's Keeper
1:30AMThe Suite Life on Deck319Snakes on a Boat
2:00AMWizards of Waverly Place419Justin's Back In
2:30AMWizards of Waverly Place420Misfortune at the Beach
3:00AMShake It Up322Stress It Up
3:30AMA.N.T. Farm107studANT council
4:00AMThe Suite Life on Deck118The Wrong Stuff
4:30AMThe Suite Life on Deck119Splash and Trash
5:00AMPhineas and Ferb218The Bully Code / Finding Mary McGuffin
5:30AMPhineas and Ferb219What Do It Do? / Atlantis
FRIDAY: 08/22/2014
6:00AMDoc McStuffins204Friday Fairy Flies Again / A Tale of Two Dragons
6:30AMDisney Junior MovieTinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue
8:00AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse432The Wizard of Dizz!
9:00AMDoc McStuffins220Oooey Gablooey Springs a Leak / There's a King in Your Tummy! New
9:30AMSofia the First213Mystic Meadows
10:00AMDoc McStuffins207Leilani's Lu'au / Karate Kangaroos
10:30AMSofia the First127The Floating Palace
11:30AMDisney Channel MovieSecret of the Wings starring Tinker Bell
1:00PMDog With A Blog220Pod People from Pasadena
1:30PMJESSIE112Romancing the Crone
2:00PMJESSIE111Are You Cooler Than a 5th Grader?
2:30PMJESSIE107Zuri's New Old Friend
3:00PMAustin & Ally225Fresh Starts & Farewells
3:30PMAustin & Ally301Road Trips & Reunions
4:00PMDisney Channel MovieCamp Rock 2: The Final Jam
6:00PMI Didnít Do It110Twin It To Win It
6:30PMDog With A Blog206Don't Karl Us, We'll Karl You
7:00PMDog With A Blog213Stan Runs Away
7:30PMJESSIE313Help Not Wanted
8:00PMJESSIE327Coffee Talk New
8:30PMDog With A Blog222Karl Finds Out Stan's Secret New
9:00PMGravity Falls202The Golf War New
9:30PMPhineas and Ferb421bFather's Day
9:45PMWander Over Yonder113BThe Brainstorm New
10:00PMI Didnít Do It112Lindy Nose Best
10:30PMLiv and Maddie115Moms-A-Rooney
11:00PMAustin & Ally225Fresh Starts & Farewells
11:30PMAustin & Ally301Road Trips & Reunions
12:00AMDog With A Blog213Stan Runs Away
12:30AMDog With A Blog206Don't Karl Us, We'll Karl You
1:00AMThe Suite Life on Deck320Senior Ditch Day
1:30AMThe Suite Life on Deck321Prom Night
2:00AMWizards of Waverly Place421Alex the Puppetmaster
2:30AMDisney Channel MovieThe Cheetah Girls
4:15AMDisney Mickey Mouse105'O Sole Minnie / Third Wheel / Tapped Out
4:30AMThe Suite Life on Deck120Double Crossed
5:00AMPhineas and Ferb220Picture This / Nerdy Danciní
5:30AMPhineas and Ferb225Invasion of the Ferb Snatchers / Ain't No Kiddie Ride
SATURDAY: 08/23/2014
6:00AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse322Minnie's Bow-tique
6:30AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse303Minnie's Mouseke-Calendar
7:00AMJake and the Never Land Pirates220Sail Away Treasure / The Mystery of Mysterious Island!
7:30AMDoc McStuffins220Oooey Gablooey Springs a Leak / There's a King in Your Tummy!
8:00AMDoc McStuffins201Doc McStuffins Goes McMobile / Chip Off the Ol' Box
8:30AMSofia the First207When You Wish Upon a Well
9:00AMDisney Channel MovieSecret of the Wings starring Tinker Bell
10:30AMDog With A Blog222Karl Finds Out Stan's Secret
11:00AMGirl Meets World111Girl Meets Popular
11:30AMI Didnít Do It108Now Museum, Now You Don't
12:00PMJESSIE201Green-Eyed Monsters
12:30PMJESSIE214Why Do Foils Fall Love?
1:00PMJESSIE226Diary of a Mad Newswoman
1:30PMI Didnít Do It112Lindy Nose Best
2:00PMAustin & Ally215Beach Bums & Bling
2:30PMAustin & Ally213Spas & Spices
3:00PMAustin & Ally219Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing
3:30PMA.N.T. Farm309product misplacemANT
4:00PMA.N.T. Farm303independANTs
4:30PMDog With A Blog202Good Girl Gone Bad
5:00PMDog With A Blog214Stuck in the Mini with You
5:30PMDog With A Blog212I Want My Nikki Back, Nikki Back, Nikki Back
6:00PMLiv and Maddie113Brain-A-Rooney
6:30PMLiv and Maddie118Flashback-A-Rooney
7:00PMJESSIE222Throw Momma from the Terrace
7:30PMJESSIE221Somebunny's in Trouble
8:00PMDisney Channel MovieHow to Build a Better Boy
9:45PMMighty Med116Are You Afraid of the Shark?
10:15PMLab Rats313Cyborg Shark Attack
10:30PMKickiní It414Tightroping the Shark
11:00PMLiv and Maddie118Flashback-A-Rooney
11:30PMLiv and Maddie113Brain-A-Rooney
12:00AMJESSIE221Somebunny's in Trouble
12:30AMJESSIE222Throw Momma from the Terrace
1:00AMThe Suite Life on Deck101The Suite Life Sets Sail
1:30AMThe Suite Life on Deck107Parrot Island
2:00AMWizards of Waverly Place422My Two Harpers
2:30AMDisney Channel MovieThe Cheetah Girls 2
4:15AMDisney Mickey Mouse103Tokyo Go! / Bad Ear Day / Dog Show
4:30AMThe Suite Life on Deck121Cruisin' For a Bruisin'
5:00AMPhineas and Ferb227The Beak
5:30AMPhineas and Ferb228Phineas and Ferb-Busters! / Not Phineas and Ferb
SUNDAY: 08/24/2014
6:00AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse221Mickey and the Enchanted Egg
6:30AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse232The Friendship Team
7:00AMJake and the Never Land Pirates218Izzy's Trident Treasure / Pirate Putt-Putt!
7:30AMDoc McStuffins214Big Head Hallie / Peaches Pie, Take a Bath!
8:00AMDoc McStuffins213The Big Sleepover / No Sweetah Cheetah
8:30AMSofia the First109The Tri-Kingdom Picnic
9:00AMJESSIE303Understudied and Overdone
9:30AMAustin & Ally309Fanatics & Favors
10:00AMAustin & Ally305Austin & Alias
10:30AMLiv and Maddie114Slump-A-Rooney
11:00AMDisney Channel MovieHow to Build a Better Boy
12:45PMGravity Falls202The Golf War
1:15PMGravity Falls203Scary-oke
1:30PMJESSIE225Break-Up and Shape-Up
2:00PMJESSIE223We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges
2:30PMDog With A Blog109The Parrot Trap
3:00PMDog With A Blog102The Fast and the Furriest
3:30PMDog With A Blog108World of Woofcraft
4:00PMAustin & Ally223Family & Feuds
4:30PMAustin & Ally222Moon Week & Mentors
5:00PMI Didnít Do It103The New Guy
5:30PMI Didnít Do It105Lindylicious
6:00PMDog With A Blog209Avery B. Jealous
6:30PMDog With A Blog211Love Ty-Angle
7:00PMGirl Meets World112Girl Meets Maya's Mother
7:30PMAustin & Ally315Proms & Promises
8:00PMAustin & Ally316Last Dance & Last Chances New
8:30PMI Didnít Do It118Ball or Nothing New
9:00PMGirl Meets World103Girl Meets the Truth
9:30PMJESSIE327Coffee Talk
10:00PMDog With A Blog222Karl Finds Out Stan's Secret
10:30PMLiv and Maddie120Song-A-Rooney
11:00PMDog With A Blog209Avery B. Jealous
11:30PMDog With A Blog211Love Ty-Angle
12:00AMGood Luck Charlie108Dance Off
12:30AMGood Luck Charlie126Driving Mrs. Dabney
1:00AMThe Suite Life on Deck102Broke 'N' Yo Yo
1:30AMThe Suite Life on Deck103The Kidney of the Sea
2:00AMWizards of Waverly Place423Wizards of Apartment 13B
2:30AMDisney Channel MovieThe Cheetah Girls One World
4:00AMThe Suite Life on Deck109Flowers and Chocolate
4:30AMThe Suite Life on Deck201Smarticle Particles
5:00AMPhineas and Ferb229Lizard Whisperer / Robot Rodeo
5:30AMPhineas and Ferb230The Secret of Success / Doof Side of the Moon
Upcoming Premieres
08.22 - 09:00 AM - Doc McStuffins
08.22 - 11:30 AM - PAW Patrol
08.22 - 08:00 PM - JESSIE
08.22 - 08:30 PM - Dog With A Blog
08.22 - 09:00 PM - Gravity Falls
08.22 - 09:45 PM - Wander Over Yonder
08.23 - 08:00 PM - Nickelodeon Movie
08.24 - 10:00 AM - LBX
08.24 - 08:00 PM - Austin & Ally

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