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SakuraCon2006 – Geneon: Barefoot Gen, DVD Rebates, New Music And Dub Premieres Too

by on March 30, 2006

Geneon didn’t have much in the way of “new” anime announcements per se’, but there were definitely some tidbits that were quite surprising thanks to Geneon’s Stephen Tang.

  • Geneon retrieved another title from the wreckage of Streamline, the anime classic Barefoot Gen. On the live action side, the company announced Last Quarter–a live action title based off a manga that ran in the shoujo magazine Ribon.
  • Geneon’s music division continues to expand with announcement of The Pillows’ new CD, My Foot; Kotoko’s first CD, Hane; and Angela’s latest CD, Prhythm. One the anime OST side, Strawberry Marshmellow‘s OST will be released by Geneon as well. These are all tentatively scheduled for June/July.
  • Also on the music side of things, a DVD about Yoko Ishida’s Anime Fusion Tour through the US will be released. There will be two versions: one with just the concert documentary, and one with ParaPara dance instructions on a second disc.
  • On the distribution but not actually Geneon-produced side of things, Geneon will be distributing a line of Japanese street racing videos entitled Drifting in the near future.
  • Kami-Chu and Strawberry Marshmellow and details related to them were supposed to be SakuraCon announcements, but that didn’t come together as planned. However, there is still some news in relation to those titles: both will include mini pencil boards with each volume. Additionally Kami-Chu will include 4 discs.
  • Various upcoming Geneon titles will include $3 mail-in rebate coupons, Gun X Sword, Kami-Chu, Saiyuki Gunlock: Reload and Strawberry Marshmellow.
  • A Strawberry Marshmellow preview was run at SakuraCon, debuting the dub publically for the first time. Additionally, a clip of Elemental Gelade‘s dub also debuted at SakuraCon.
  • Additionally, Geneon clarified that Elemental Gelade was changed to that anem from Erementrar Gerard at the request of the Japanese licensors.
  • Strawberry Marshmellow will be getting a 13 and up rating solely because of Nobue’s smoking.
  • Gun X Sword Vol. 1 will be loaded with extras such as the Gun X Sword-san CG shorts and the character design sheets.
  • Sales for Koi Kaze and for Daphne in the Brilliant Blue have been lukewarm. Fighting Spirit has also had a lukewarm reception.
  • Geneon is actively working to co-promote titles with the companies whom the manga relate to their titles. This is eased by the fact that some former Tokyopop employees now work at Geneon, making communication between the companies easier. They are also working with Viz and other companies when those opportunities arise.
  • Geneon doesn’t have a particular beef with fansubs as long as people buy the US release when it comes out. The rep reinforced that a percentage of each DVD sale goes directly back to Japan and thus it really directly helps further the entire industry when people buy DVDs.
  • Geneon has looked into Maria-sama Ga Miteru and School Rumble, but they can neither confirm nor deny anything beyond that.
  • Why does Geneon pick a particular dub studio for a show? It depends on who the producer wants for the most part and on who bids on it as well.
  • Why does Geneon (and anime companies in general) occasionally release some really mediocre series? The answer is because anime series are often sold as package deals now, so to get A list series the anime companies often have to take a C or D list show from the same company as well.

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