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SakuraCon2006 – Dark Horse: New Manga, Manwha And Artbooks To Come

by on March 30, 2006

Dark Horse was out in force with a number of reps in tow, namely Tim Ervin, Samantha Robertson and Phillip Simon, and they had plenty to talk about as well:

  • New manga title wise, Dark Horse announced the pick-up of Ohikkoshi by Hiroaki Samura, who is probably best know for Blade of the Immortal. Ohikkoshi is set in the modern era and features three stories: a romantic comedy; a story about a manga artist addicted to mahjong; and a short, autobiographical account of barhoping in Kyoto. It will be released October 18th.
  • On the manhwa side, Dark Horse has picked up and started work on Banya The Explosive Delivery Man, Shaman Warrior and Access Hybrid.
  • Dark Horse is going to continue the momentum they hope to build by releasing two Yoshitaka Amano artbooks, the Samurai Champloo TV artbook, and additional artbooks from Yoshitaka Amano as well.
  • Gunsmith Cats is getting omnibus editions in 2007 that are in the proper Japanese layout–without editing–and might even have some bonus content from Kenichi Sonoda. Should Gunsmith Cats and Oh My Goddess! (which is already being revisited in the original Japanese format) be well received, Dark Horse will eventually revisit more older, previously Americanized titles and try re-releasing them in the proper fashion. If this happens, even very dark and explicit works like Narutaru could get uncut, un-flipped and wrapped re-releases.
  • On a related note, Dark Horse hadn’t found out how extremely graphic Narutaru was until after they had licensed it, and that is what has made them more proactive these days in trying to get a better grasp of a title’s content before positioning a title for a certain market.
  • At the moment there will not be further Hellsing hardcover editions. It was a one volume deal cut with Barnes & Noble.
  • Topping the sales for Dark Horse when it comes to individual volumes is Trigun, although Lone Wolf and Cub has moved above a million volumes as a series at this point.
  • Dark Horse doesn’t have an issue with scanlations as long as people take them down as the US volumes come out. Dark Horse has even used scanlation to help write solicitation copies for promoting manga to retailers.

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