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SakuraCon2006 – ADV Films: Evangelion Stays Strong, But Manga Is Still AWOL

by on March 30, 2006

ADV almost didn’t have a panel, and unfortunately myself (and several other members of the press) only heard they did after it happened. However, the following was brought up at David William’s Q&A and at the ADV booth.

  • We would have gotten an announcement or two, but with John Ledford out at TAF, David Williams was unable to get clearance in time for SakuraCon.
  • As far as ADV can tell, Evangelion must be doing well enough for CN, since CN is still actively interested in acquiring more series from ADV.
  • The Evangelion movie is waiting for a director to clear his schedule so that finer points of the adaptation can be worked over and so that casting can begin. WETA is going to be the special effects group for the movie.
  • ADV is acutely aware of the shelf space issue themselves, but between promotional considerations and the cost of thin-pack cases vs. standard DVD cases, they aren’t in a position to remedy these issues directly any time soon.
  • There is no ETA for when the ADV Manga division will restart its full line of releases.
  • ADV is still working on getting on small dish satellite systems, hoping that as additional satellites are launched to add bandwidth for HD, they can snag some channel space.
  • On a related note, the HD content from ADV that has aired on HD channels has been fairly well received.
  • ADV is also working on pushing their animation wherever they figure it will play, even when that’s not a channel one would traditionally expect animation to be aired on.
  • They are also looking at developing animation markets like Korea for animated series and films as well.
  • ADV’s original animation series, Mutineer’s Moon, is on hold at the moment–again.
  • The ADV dub process in a nutshell: The complete translation is done. Then episodes are dubbed just-in-time for mastering, final production and replication. This dramatically shortens the turn around time and allows for more titles to be released at one time as well.
  • Why does ADV’s work sound better as of late? The answer is because all of the directors (instead of just some) are now doing a lot of research into the background culture aspects of a series.

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