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SakuraCon 2008 Broccoli USA Panel – Using Fansubbers for Good and Not Evil

by on April 3, 2008

Jonathan Kung came to represent Broccoli USA at SakuraCon this year, even though they didn’t have any new title announcements. However, there was news that I can’t report because it was about another company, and it was bad news. However, I will note that he said that Broccoli USA is looking at digital distribution very hard, with the idea they might even work with fansubbers to some extent (or at the very least, they won’t run around suing random otaku as they understand that does more damage than good) and that they haven’t talked to Crunchy Roll about copyright infringement… yet. They also noted that the reason Kon Kon Kokon is stuck at volume 1 and Disgaea 2 is stuck at volume 2 are because the manga-ka that work on those respective titles have put them on hiatus while they work on other titles.

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