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‘Rocky & Bullwinkle’ Celebrate 50 Years

by on November 19, 2009

ABC introduced television audiences to the now-famous cartoon moose and squirrel when “Rocky and His Friends” premiered on November 19th, 1959.

The show’s fast-paced gags, clever dialog, fun characters, a talented cast, and simplistic animation made the show into a timeless classic that will continue to entertain audiences well into the next 50 years, and has been a tremendous influence on cartoonists and animators as well.

Many sites around the web have published articles and interviews with Tiffany Ward (Jay Ward’s daughter) and June Foray (the show’s only surviving cast member) to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Rocky and Bullwinkle:

– AOL’s Inside TV: “Happy Birthday, Rocky and Bullwinkle! Moose and Squirrel Through The Years” (Interview with Tiffany Ward.)

Star-Telegram: “Rocky and Bullwinkle began offering up something fans really like 50 years ago” (Interview with Tiffany Ward and June Foray.)

Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel: “Rocky and Bullwinkle mark 50 Years” (Interview with Tiffany Ward.)

Journal Star: “Hokey Smoke! ‘Rocky & Bullwinkle mark 50 years” (Archive interview with June Foray.)

And for a limited time, you can watch the first season of the show (20 episodes) on Hulu.com.

See Toon Zone’s hosted site — Hokey Smoke! Rocky and Bullwinkle — for comprehensive history and content for the show.

Via Voice Actors in the News, and Martianinvader on Toon Zone’s Retro: Classic Cartoons forum.

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