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Review: “Heaven’s Lost Property Forte” Flies Back For A Second Flight

by on July 27, 2012

Another angeloid has appeared! Brandishing a sword and blonde locks, Astraea has it out for Tomoki. She could kill him in an instant, if she actually knew how to do so. She’s an idiot, and quickly joins Ikaros and Nymph as an ally of the heroes. It’s a good thing she does, as the new threat of Chaos quickly shows up to take down our perverted main character. Of course, throughout the second season, there’s gender-swapping magic, swimming for big boobs, and even more absurdities for this series that swaps between hilarity and horror. Does the disturbing truth show itself in this season?

Heaven’s Lost Property was a decent little series that could have been horrifyingly bad, but ended up hitting a few good points. Overly-endowed women granting wishes to a pervert, who eventually accumulates enough to have a harem, and the girls are also super powered angels who will fight him? The comedy and twists (primarily, the male lead is a horn dog, but he’s actually not taking advantage of the girls … for the most part) salvaged what could have been a purely-forgettable trip into soft core porn.

The second season extends this concept, but like many sitcoms it tries to mix things up by adding a bustier (bustiest?) blonde girl. While initially an enemy, she quickly becomes an ally. If Ikaros is capable but oblivious, and Nymph is smart yet quick to anger, Astraea is outright stupid and clumsy. It’s the standard trope–the ditzy blonde–but it’s not out of place in this series.

Like the first season, it’s the show’s absurd humor that really salvages it. The first episode, for example, starts with the previous season’s intro, but with the male lead in the pose of the female lead, with all the erotic and sensual posing inherent. Continuing from last season, each ending credit scene is a unique song with its own episode-relevant animation, extending the absurd moments in the episode’s plot. These moments of self-aware, or even meta, humor help the show stand out. It doesn’t take itself serious, but it can have enough serious moments to string a plot along.

Something hit this viewer, at least, late in the season. Ikaros is obviously devoted to Tomoki, and yet Tomoki does nothing but rebuff her advances, no matter how insincere they are. The series may use her for comedic sexual notes at times, but it starts to feel off, and it’s once you realize that the character is basically lobotomized does the whole scenario just seem… odd. You’re glad that nothing really happens with her, but it’s still odd that one of the main characters is effectively mentally damaged. Likewise, in a “you sorta feel dirty” category, the appearance of a character at the end of the series as a toddler, despite her appearances throughout the series as a kid (and then as an adult, complete with ripping clothes and such that happens to all the adult cast) just makes other parts of the series seem off and creepy as well.

It’s not the strongest standout of recent years, and its plot is largely superficial, but Heaven’s Lost Property a fun series that doesn’t take too many wrong turns. It’s popcorn entertainment: there’s a plot, there’s some laughs, and it’s light enough that you’ll still be hungry afterward, but it makes for a good snack.

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