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Retrospective: "Baki the Grappler" Season Two

by on March 25, 2008

The Baki the Grappler: Season 2 Box Set, collecting volumes 7 through 12 of the series, hits DVD shelves today. To mark this release, here are the opening paragraphs of and links to Toon Zone News’s reviews of each volume in the set, as published at the time they were released to DVD in the U.S.:

Get ready, boys and girls, because it’s time for a new season of Baki the Grappler! Yes, get ready for tournaments, tournaments and more tournaments! And just for variety, we’ll have muscle-bound guys pound each other into the dirt! Never had that before on this show, have we? Read more about Vol. 7

The end of the first round of the Supreme Fighting Tournament is almost here and it’s time for Baki to get it together. Can he become a Champion once again and defeat his father, or will he space out and start thinking of how pigtails can make people fly like a certain high school girl? Read more about Vol. 8

For the most part, the Supreme Fighting Circuit Championship Tournament has been going along pretty much as planned. Characters we know are major players are going to advance, and characters we know are supposed to be defeated are going to be beaten. But in this next volume of Baki the Grappler, things get a bit shuffled. Read more about Vol. 9

Baki the Grappler has always impressed me with its variety of fighting techniques. Unlike other anime, each and every character in Baki has his own distinct style, which makes for quite a refreshing series. Nowhere is this shown to better effect than in Volume 10 of the series. Read more about Vol. 10

The Supreme Fighting Championship is nearing its conclusion, and all the weak fighters have been eliminated from contention. Baki continues to train for the upcoming fight against his father, but it seems Jak Xamma has a beef with Yujiro as well. Read more about Vol. 11

After 44 episodes of training, 44 episodes of getting beat down, and 44 episodes of freaky techniques, Baki the Grappler reaches its final four episodes. Baki has just two opponents between him and ultimate glory. Will he come out on top? Read more about Vol. 12

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