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Regular Show – “Slam Dunk” Recap

by on October 24, 2011


Mordecai and Rigby challenge Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost to a two-on-two basketball game, with the winner getting computer privileges for a week.

Another episode with Mordecai and Rigby doing an Internet/computer related bet against Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost?  Hopefully the show won’t have a lot of episodes like this. Anyway, nice to see Mordecai and Margeret in this episode, it helps with character development, though I have to say that the ending may have lowered the chances of them getting together a bit (emphasis on “a bit” here).

And so, this was a great episode. The montage where Mordecai and Rigby were honing their terrible basketball skill was my favorite. Perhaps it would have been better if Muscle Man, I don’t know, had more to say or something, and if there was more humor, but at the moment I’m not complaining.

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