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Preview: "Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok" Makes Norse Gods Cute

by on September 9, 2005

Wow! That title is a bit more than a mouthful.

Based on the manga of the same name (also released by ADV), Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok puts an interesting spin on Norse mythology. Loki has been banished from Asgard by Odin and forced to live among mortals trapped in the body of a small boy. With several of his fellow gods seeking to claim his life, what does Loki do? He opens a detective agency, of course!

Business is slow for him and his mortal partner Ryusuke Yamino until ditzy Mayura, seeking help on a peculiar case involving a magical doll, comes to them. Don’t be fooled by Mayura’s pink hair: she’s as blonde as they come. She has a good heart and never means any ill towards people, but her interest in the supernatural often causes her to overreact to everyday occurrences (as the second episode hilariously proves), much to Loki and Yamino’s chagrin.

As if getting involved with Mayura and her mania isn’t bothersome enough, the new pretty boy at school, Narugami, is the god of thunder Thor himself (no, not the Marvel Comics character). With his trusty hammer Mjollnir in the form of a wooden sword, and his pockets empty, Thor takes to the streets righting wrongs and punishing criminals, all the while unsure whether or not he should kill Loki as the other gods plan to do. Even though Thor may not be an immediate threat, Loki can’t rest. Heimdall has also come to Earth with his own grudge against Loki for taking his eye.

The series boasts a terrific and lively cast. For better or worse, the god of tricks himself is absolutely adorable in his kiddie form (with his Zatch Bell-like attire), and Shannon Emerick, a relative newcomer to anime, does a terrific job bringing him to life. Kira Vincent-Davis excels as Mayura, making her both completely lovable and completely annoying at the same time. The rest of the characters are also well cast, and Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok stands as one of the best dubs I’ve heard from ADV in a while.

At first I was skeptical about such a premise: Norse gods banished to Earth is a weird idea (in Japan, no less), but it’s an interesting concept and proves that originality still exists in our mundane world. The character designs don’t really hearken back to the story’s Norse roots at all (at least thus far), but the soft look of the characters is certainly pleasant and attractive. Interesting directorial tricks add a neat touch to the show’s sense of style as well. There are definitely some laugh-out-loud funny moments, and there is enough action to keep even the most ADD-addled fan entertained.

Fans of all ages should give this extremely funny and action-packed show a look.

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