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Press Release for "Alien Planet" DVD Set

by on June 14, 2005

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Discovery Global Licensing has sent Toon Zone the following press release information for the August 16th DVD debut of Alien Planet.

Alien Planet explores the theory that life really exists outside our solar system and visits with its spectacular and curious alien inhabitants.

Based on author/artist Wayne Barlow’s acclaimed novel Expedition to Darwin IV, Alien Planet merges science and futuristic simulation to create a dramatic virtual mission to the “newly discovered” (fictional) planet, Darwin 4. Alien Planet‘s NASA consultants used the latest scientific research from real-life exploratory endeavors such as the NASA Origins Program, the NASA/JPL Planet-Finder Mission, and the European Space Agency’s Darwin Project to design the planet, the probes and the surveying spacecraft, as well as the various animals “inhabiting” Darwin 4. The exciting mission was then brought to vivid life via state-of-the-art computer animation and visual effects from the creative team behind the Emmy Award®-nominated When Dinosaurs Roamed America.

Bonus features include insightful interviews with filmmaker George Lucas (Star Wars, Indiana Jones trilogy) and noted scientists Stephen Hawking (A Brief History of Time), Craig Venter (leading researcher and biologist) and Jack Horner (foremost paleontologist and technical consultant on the Jurassic Park trilogy) and Michio Kaku.

Alien Planet will hit shelves August 16, 2005.

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