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Press Release: Animaticus Foundation Presents "2D or Not 2D" Animation Festival

by on August 20, 2006

Animaticus Press release ~ 08.11.06:

Tony White’s new book, “ANIMATION from PENCILS to PIXELS ~ Classical Techniques for Digital Animators” is released after an exhaustive, three year creation period. This 500 page, one-stop-shop on animation… including a 400 e-page ‘making of’ presentation of the author’s new film “Endangered Species”… can now be obtained from most good bookshops, as well as online booksellers such as Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble. “Animation from Pencils to Pixels” will hopefully be considered as the ultimate book on animation techniques and production, covering just about everything any animator will ever need to create their own moving masterpieces… from ‘conception’ to ‘creation’, through ‘development’ to ‘distribution’. All is gleaned from the author’s 30 years of international award-winning, animation experience. Tony’s previous book, “The Animator’s Workbook”, published by Watson-Guptill in 1986, has sold over 80,000 copies and still remains a standard animation textbook today.

Tony has also just finished his latest film, “Endangered Species”. (A ‘work in progress’ version can be found on the CD that accompanies “Animation from Pencils to Pixels”.) “Endangered Species” is a passionate, one-from-the-heart homage to the great, classical moments of traditional, hand-drawn animation and effectively recreates some of the most memorable animated moments from 2D animation’s archives, plotting the industry’s rise and fall. Lasting approximately ten and a half minutes, this film has taken ‘four years’, ‘innumerable pencils’ and ‘many millions of mouse clicks’ to produce. The film is currently seeking acceptance in four international festivals… “AFI FEST”, “Chicago Film Festival”, “Austin Film Festival” and “Signals Festival” (UK).

Last but not least… Tony’s spare-time obsession, The Animaticus Foundation (a non-profit organization he has set-up, dedicated to ‘preserving’, ‘teaching’ and ‘evolving’ the art of traditional animation in a digital age) is proud to present the “2D OR NOT 2D” Animation Festival at the Historic Everett Theatre in Everett, Washington State, from November 17th thru 19th 2006. The theme of this inaugural event will be ‘The Picture ‘Till Now’, showcasing many of the finest (and often rarely screened) classically animated masterworks from animation’s past. Keynote speakers include Roy E. Disney (who will present prizes and offer a retrospective of award-winning and/or break-through Disney short films, from “Steamboat Willie” to “Lorenzo”), internationally syndicated cartoonist Tom Wilson (who will be re-introducing the Emmy award-winning “Ziggy’s Gift” TV Special… directed by Richard Williams and animation supervisor, Eric Goldberg) and Tony himself (who will be presenting “Endangered Species” for the first time in public as well as conducting a Q&A/signing session for “ANIMATION from PENCILS to PIXELS”). In stark contrast to the reflective nature of the festival’s main theme, there will be an exciting new competition for contemporary animated filmmakers, with special prize-giving encouragement for traditionally hand-drawn 2D productions, All-category animation, Student films and Digital Media Productions. Prizes for ‘Best 2D Film’, ‘Best Animation in a 2D Film’, ‘Best All-category Animated Film’ and ‘Best Animation in an All-Category Animated Film’ amongst others will be presented by Roy E. Disney, Tom Wilson and other selected guests. Roy E. Disney will also present the inaugural “Roy E. Disney Award” for ‘outstanding achievement in 2D animation’. For further information of the festival, please visit the www.2dornot2d.org website (to be live by the end of August 2006) or submit your email address to mailinglist@animaticus.com where you will receive regular updates about the festival, its program and its ticketing options.

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