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PR: Nintendo 3DS – May 19 is Multiplayer Battle Day for Fans of Kid Icarus: Uprising

by on May 17, 2012

Nintendo News
May 19 is Multiplayer Battle Day for Fans of Kid Icarus: Uprising for Nintendo 3DS
May 16, 2012

REDMOND, Wash., May 16, 2012 – Since the March 23 launch of Kid Icarus: Uprising on theNintendo 3DS system, legions of fans have experienced the game’s action-packed multiplayer features. To make it easier than ever for fans to come together, Nintendo of America has created a Multiplayer Battle Day Meetup Everywhere community that people can use to organize their own local Kid Icarus: Uprising multiplayer tournaments, meetups and social gatherings*.

Fans and Nintendo 3DS users are encouraged to get together and battle it out on Saturday, May 19, which has been designated as Kid Icarus: Uprising Multiplayer Battle Day. Using a broadband Internet connection or local wireless connection, players who own a Nintendo 3DS and Kid Icarus: Uprising can compete in the game’s frenetic multiplayer modes, whether battling it out in three-on-three Light Versus Dark mode or six-player Free-for-All mode. The 20 groups with the most participants will receive special Kid Icarus: Uprising premium items such as AR Card packs and T-shirts, while supplies last.

Meetup Everywhere is a simple-to-use online platform that enables followers to coordinate local, real-life meetups based on shared interests. Nintendo 3DS users who are interested in sharing Kid Icarus: Uprising multiplayer experiences, trading AR cards with others or exchanging in-gameweapons using StreetPass are invited to visit http:https://www.meetup.com/nintendo3ds to find events in their area or to plan their own meetups.

For more information about Kid Icarus: Uprising, available now exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS system, visit http:https://kidicarus.nintendo.com/uprising.

* Meetup events are neither sponsored nor endorsed by Nintendo.

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