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PR: New Thanksgiving Episodes for “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood”

by on November 19, 2012

The first show ever from The Fred Rogers Company since the iconic Mister Rogers’ NeighborhoodDaniel Tiger’s Neighborhood stars the instantly-irresistible 4-year-old Daniel Tiger, son of the original series’ Daniel Striped Tiger.  Daniel talks directly to viewers, giving a whole new generation of young “neighbors” an inside view of his colorful world as he helps introduce fun and practical musical strategies that boost the skills necessary for growing up. 

November 19:
Be a Vegetable Taster!
Teacher Harriet introduces Daniel and his friends to the school’s vegetable garden and convinces them to pick out some healthy veggies for their snack.  They explore the garden, picking and trying different vegetables…with mixed results!

Daniel Tries a New Food
Miss Elaina is having dinner with the Tiger family and she encourages Daniel to try some new food: Veggie Spaghetti and Banana Swirl.  Daniel is convinced he won’t like Veggie Spaghetti, even though he’s never tried it before.  Miss Elaina encourages him to be adventurous and try the new food.  She does the same herself, and even though she doesn’t like all of it, she’s proud of herself for trying.
November 22:
Thank You, Grandpere Tiger!
Grandpere Tiger comes to visit, but is only in town for a short while.  Daniel is sad that Grandpere can’t come to the special Thank You Day celebration later that day.  Daniel learns to be thankful for the time they DO have together, and is then surprised when Grandpere appears at the celebration after all!

Neighborhood Thank You Day
The neighborhood celebrates Thank You Day by putting notes in the Thank You Tree.  Daniel has trouble deciding what to put in his note.  Then, when a gust of wind blows the notes off of the tree, Mr. McFeely saves the day by catching and delivering everybody’s thank you notes!

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