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PR: "Love Stinks!" 24-hour Marathon to Run Feb. 14 on Boomerang

by on February 13, 2007

To celebrate Valentine’s Day for Boomerang viewers, the network is
presenting an entire day of animated romance-themed antics starring our
love-obsessed characters, including Pepe Le Pew, Tom & Jerry, Popeye,
Yogi Bear, Magilla Gorilla, 2 Stupid Dogs, Dexter, Top Cat, Speed Buggy,
The Smurfs, The Flintstones, Droopy and The Jetsons.

Each hand-selected cartoon short presented during the holiday event will
feature a beloved classic character caught in spell of fabled Cupid’s
arrows. As the following schedule reveals, very few animated stars were
able to resist the affairs of the heart:

Looney Tunes

6am, 5pm Odor-able Kitty (Pepe Le Pew)

The Swooner Crooner (Porky Pig)

The Stupid Cupid (Daffy Duck)

Life with Feathers (Sylvester)

Scent-imental Over You (Pepe Le Pew)

Bugs Bunny & the 3 Bears (Bugs Bunny)

Porky’s Romance (Porky Pig)

Nasty Quacks (Daffy Duck)


7am, 6pm Alpine for You

Anvil Chorus Girl

A Balmy Swami

Beach Peach

Beaus Will Be Beaus

Abusement Park

All’s Fair at the Fair

Ancient Fistory


8am, 7pm, Wild and Woolfy (Droopy)

5:30am Little Rural Riding Hood (Red)

The Shooting of Dan McGoo (Droopy)

Senor Droopy (Droopy)

2 Stupid Dogs

8:30am, 7:30pm Love

Love in the Park

Queen Bee (Super Secret Squirrel)

Love Doctors

The Zoo (Hanna-Barbera)

9am Love Bugged Bear (Yogi Bear)

Marriage Potamus Style (Peter Potamus)

One Too Many (Snagglepuss)

Armored Amour (Breezly & Sneezly)

A Wooin Bruin’ (Yogi Bear)

Courtin’ Trouble (Peter Potamus)

Nobody’s Fool (Atom Ant)

Don’t know It Poet (Snagglepuss)

Acrobatty Yogi (Yogi Bear)

Love at First Flight (Magilla Gorilla)

Rapid Romance (Ricochet Rabbit)

Pilgrims Regress (Peter Potamus)

Slippery Slippers (Hokey Wolf)

Shooting Room Only (Quick Draw McGraw)

Bird Brained (Magilla Gorilla)

Cleo Trio (Peter Potamus)

Top Cat

11am, 10pm Top Cat Falls in Love #6607

Speed Buggy

11:30am, Speed Buggy Falls in Love #7304
10:30pm Naughty Neighbors (Porky Pig)|

The Smurfs

12pm Romeo and Smurfette #71

Hollywood or Busted (Winsome Witch)

Gargamel’s Sweetheart #58

Alpine for You (Popeye)

The Adventures of Robin Smurf #83

How Now Cinderella (Winsome Witch)

The Jetsons

1:30pm, 11pm A Date with Judy Jetson #6202

Bird Brained (Magilla Gorilla)

Miss Solar System #6220

Beach Peach (Popeye)

The Flintstones

2:30pm, 12am Dino & Juliet #125

The Hot Piano #19

Jealousy #163

Fred Flintstone Woos Again #33

Groom Gloom #90

Tom & Jerry

8pm, 2:30am The Zoot Cat

Puss & Toots

The Mouse That Comes to Dinner

Flirty Birdy

Solid Serenade

Salt Water Tabby

Smitten Kitten

Muscle Beach Tom

Dexter (Dexter’s Laboratory)

9pm, 3:30am Dexter’s Rival

Babysitter Blues

Doll House Drama

Aye, Aye, Eyes


Glove at First Sight

School Girl Crushed


4:30am Alpine for You

Anvil Chorus Girl

A Balmy Swami

Beach Peach

Beaus Will Be Beaus

Abusement Park

All’s Fair at the Fair

Ancient Fistory

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