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PR: Doozers Celebrate Doozer Expo With Four New Episodes

by on June 27, 2014

When I was nine, in 1985, one of my favorite possessions was a Fraggle Rock Doozers pencil sharpener.

It was just a big white cube with Doozer images on the sides, but I was poor and didn’t have many toys, and the friendly little guys appealed to me.

I loved it so much I took it to school. I guess I played with it a little too openly. When I went to recess I left it in my desk and a mean boy took it out and smashed it, then put the broken pieces back.

Just to be cruel.

I am SURE that the new Hulu Kids Doozer World Expo episodes will be a much more pleasant experience for children than that.

To celebrate the Doozer World Expo, Hulu is rolling out four new Doozers episodes based around the celebration.  The new version of the Doozers might look a little different to adults who grew up watching Fraggle Rock, but the same spirit of friendliness and industrious cooperation is there. Doozers is the first original show for the ad-free Hulu Kids platform.

The episodes include:

“The Pod Squad Pavilion”

Clip: http:https://www.hulu.com/watch/636887 

Everyone is busy getting ready for The Doozer World Expo. Professor Gimbal assigns the Pod Squad a very important job: to create a pavilion that represents The Pod Squad.

“Doozers on Parade”

Clip: http:https://www.hulu.com/watch/636889 

The Doozer World Expo is underway and it’s time for all the villages to present the shows they’ve prepared to tell everyone what makes their village unique. The problem is, each show is so long and elaborate, the ceremony would take days! Molly puts on her thinking cap and, along with the Pod Squad and her new friends, Buzz, Tag and Zippa, comes up with a great solution that will allow everyone to participate!

“Three’s A Team”

Clip: http:https://www.hulu.com/watch/636888 

It’s Contest Day at The Doozer World Expo: the day when all Doozers team up to test their invention skills. Spike accidentally promises to enter with both Daisy Wheel and Buzz and now he needs to figure out a way to stay in the contest without hurting anyone’s feelings.

“Sky High Doozers”

During The Doozer World Expo, the Pod Squad and their visiting friends, Buzz, Tag and Zippa, all work together to create a Sky High Doozer tower that represents Doozers from all around the world.

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