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PR: Cyberchase Kicks Off Season Six on November 7

by on November 6, 2007


“Digit’s B-Day Surprise” Is Primo Premiere Episode

Cybertip No. 78: Borgs aren’t born like ordinary earthlies. Their special day is the first day they’re booted up. In “Digit’s B-Day Surprise,” which launches CYBERCHASE’s sixth season, the CYBERCHASE kids inadvertently hurt the feelings of their favorite cyboid Digit while planning his surprise b-day party – and a load of trouble ensues. Along the way, the CYBERCHASE kids and viewers learn all about friendship, best intentions gone awry and the “cool” ways evaporation works. The new season of CYBERCHASE, the Emmy Award-winning adventure series, premieres Wednesday, November 7 on PBS KIDS GO! (check local listings). Season six is themed “Math in Action” and focuses on ways to give kids some fun math and science experiences to try for themselves.

CYBERCHASE – the only math-based series on American television – aims to improve kids’ problem-solving and math skills through thrilling cyberescapades driven by a different math concept. What’s in store for season six? The wild ride through cyberspace finds our heroes accomplishing everything from working magic with levers so they can rescue a sorcerer friend to measuring and building a bridge across eel-infested waters, and using numbers to score a high-stakes dance contest. The heroes use minds, not muscles, to overcome obstacles and danger everywhere. Guest voices over the years have included Al Roker, Bebe Neuwirth, Jasmine Guy, Jane Curtin, Geoffrey Holder, Philip Bosco, Danica McKellar, and others.

“CYBERCHASE usually focuses on action and adventure stories, but with ‘Digit’s B-Day Surprise’ we’ve added a new twist – this is a strong emotional piece about friendship that we think kids will really relate to,” said Ellen Doherty, senior series producer.

In “Digit’s B-Day Surprise,” the kids pretend to forget Digit’s big day. Without knowing about a hush-hush surprise party, the disappointed cyboid goes off on his own and runs into the vexatious villain Hacker (Christopher Lloyd), who tries to convince the dejected Digit (Gilbert Gottfried) he is his one true friend so he can reprogram him to gain access to Motherboard.

Meanwhile, the kids have to cross a hot desert area transporting Digit’s gift – a large chocolate replica of Digit that has a melting point of 37 cyberdegrees. When the custom refrigerator cooling the sculpture breaks, they must use math (reading a thermometer to track temperature change) and science (when water evaporates, it takes heat with it) to keep the sculpture intact and make it to Digit’s party in time to save him from Hacker’s sinister scheme.

This show was inspired by the popularity of CYBERCHASE-themed birthday parties. Check out the CYBERCHASE Web site for a downloadable party kit full of ideas for fun activities, food, decorations and more.

CYBERCHASE For Real is a live-action segment found at the end of each animated episode. In “Harry Chills Out,” Harry wilts in the heat during tennis, losing repeatedly to his obnoxious cousin Harley. After Harry realizes Harley is keeping cool using water from a spray bottle with a fan attached, Harry harnesses the power of evaporative cooling with a large sprinkler hose and three window fans, and defeats Harley without breaking a sweat.

Since its premiere on PBS KIDS in 2002, the award-winning math mystery cartoon CYBERCHASE has used humor, action and adventure to get kids excited – and confident – about math and problem-solving activities. Independent studies have found that CYBERCHASE continues to succeed in its mission – nationwide, kids of different ages, genders and ethnicities show more positive attitudes toward math and greater confidence in problem-solving after watching CYBERCHASE regularly.

Nearly 4.5 million viewers watch CYBERCHASE every week, and CYBERCHASE Online has more than a quarter of a million unique visitors each week. CYBERCHASE Online can be found at: pbskidsgo.org/cyberchase. In the tri-state area, CYBERCHASE can be seen weekdays at 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. on Thirteen/WNET New York, Saturday at 12:30 p.m. and Sunday at 8 a.m. on V-me and Monday-Friday at 7 a.m. on WLIW21.

CYBERCHASE is produced by Thirteen/WNET New York in association with Title Entertainment Inc. Executive producers are Sandra Sheppard, Thirteen’s executive director of Children’s and Educational Programming, and Frances Nankin. Ellen Doherty is senior series producer.

Major funding for CYBERCHASE is provided by the National Science Foundation, Ernst & Young LLP, Northrop Grumman Corporation, PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Additional funding is provided by The Volckhausen Family.


Thirteen/WNET New York

Thirteen/WNET New York is one of the key program providers for public television, bringing such acclaimed series as Nature, Great Performances, American Masters, Charlie Rose, Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly, Wide Angle, Secrets of the Dead, NOW With David Brancaccio, and Cyberchase – as well as the work of Bill Moyers – to audiences nationwide. As the flagship public broadcaster in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut metro area, Thirteen reaches millions of viewers each week, airing the best of American public television along with its own local productions such as The Ethnic Heritage Specials, The Thirteen Walking Tours, New York Voices, and Reel New York. Thirteen extends the impact of its television productions through educational and community outreach projects – including the Celebration of Teaching and Learning – as well as Web sites and other digital media platforms. More information can be found at: www.thirteen.org.

Title Entertainment Inc.

Title Entertainment Inc. was founded in 2004 by industry veterans Dulcie Clark and Frank Taylor. The company is active in animation, documentaries and drama. Title recently co-produced a one-hour Celtic music documentary, The Exiles Return, which was shot in Ireland and aired on Canada’s Global TV. Their 2006 animated series, The Secret World of Og, enjoys top ratings on CBC’s Saturday morning childrens’ block, and shooting of a new comedy feature starring Patrick McKenna (The Red Green Show) and Colin Mochrie (ABC’s Whose Line Is It Anyway?) is scheduled for late summer 2007. Title is proud to have recently entered into a relationship with Thirteen/WNET to produce the sixth season of the celebrated animated series Cyberchase. Title’s sister company, PIP Animation Services Inc., is now in its eighth year. With a staff of 85, it is currently working on Cyberchase as well as Carl Squared for Portfolio Entertainment and Di-Gata Defenders for Nelvana. Its past credits include Caillou (for Cookie Jar Entertainment) and John Kricfalusi’s Ren & Stimpy.


PBS KIDS, for preschoolers, and PBS KIDS GO!, for early elementary school kids, are committed to providing the highest quality non-commercial content and learning environment for children across the country. Providing age-appropriate, diverse programming for kids, PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS GO! programs consistently earn more prestigious awards than any other broadcast or cable network. Only PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS GO! have earned the unanimous endorsement of parents, children, industry leaders and teachers. With additional PBS resources to complement its programming, including PBS KIDS online (pbskids.org), PBS KIDS GO! online (pbskidsgo.org), PBS Parents (pbsparents.org), PBS Teachers (pbs.org/teachers), PBS Ready To Learn services and literacy events across the country, PBS is providing the tools necessary for positive child development. PBS is a nonprofit media enterprise owned and operated by the nation’s 355 public television stations, serving nearly 73 million people each week and reaching 99% of American homes.


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