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PR: Boomerang Injects "Villains" Into Valentine’s Day Programming

by on February 6, 2008

Boomerang is celebrating February 14 as “Villainstine’s Day,” a superstar lineup of villains from the legendary animation team of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Beginning at 9 a.m. (ET) and running all day commercial-free until 8 p.m. (ET), some of animation’s meanest, most twisted and sometimes silliest criminal minds celebrate their “love” of evil. Included in the day are episodes from classic series such as The Wacky Races, The Smurfs and The Perils of Penelope Pitstop.

“Boomerang is excited to change things up a bit and celebrate Valentine’sDay in an original way,” says Rico Hill, vice president of programming and scheduling for Boomerang and Cartoon Network. “Villainstine’s Day is a great opportunity to show off some of our crafty, savvy villains and enjoy the traditional day watching some of animation’s finest.”

Following are descriptions of some of the featured villains:

  • Sylvester Sneekly (aka The Hooded Claw) of The Perils of Penelope Pitstop: Formerly of Hanna Barbera’s The Wacky Races, this series follows the lovely heroine racecar driver Penelope Pitstop, who is imperiled by Sylvester Sneekly (aka The Hooded Claw), who seeks to get rid of her in order to acquire her inheritance. Penelope is protected by her legal guardians, a bevy of buffoons known as the Ant Hill Mob, who also appeared in The Wacky Races.
  • Gargamel of The Smurfs: A sorcerer and the sworn enemy of the Smurfs, Gargamel is an evil wizard who is actually more of an alchemist since his main ability is to create magic potions. Along with his evil cat Azrael, he spends his time trying to destroy the Smurfs. Although he often catches Smurfs who wander by his home or whom he happens across in the forest, Gargamel doesn’t know the location of the hidden Smurf village, a fact that continually frustrates him. The Smurfs made their appearance first in Belgian comics in 1958 but are best known from the 1980 animated television series that was produced by Hanna-Barbera.
  • Mandark of Dexter’s Laboratory: The series Dexter’s Laboratory follows a boy genius who has a secret laboratory filled with highly advanced equipment hidden behind a bookshelf in his bedroom. Mandark is Dexter’s arch-nemesis. Often through fraud or (rarely) by coincidence, Mandark attempts to take credit for Dexter’s achievements. It should also be mentioned that Mandark is “secretly” in love with Dee Dee, Dexter’s pesky younger sister. Mandark continuously develops diabolical and nasty schemes against Dexter in a plot to see who the real boy genius is. Dexter’s Laboratory was created by Genndy Tartakovsky in 1995 and produced by Cartoon Network Studios.
  • Dick Dastardly of The Wacky Races: Racecar drivers and their equally zany turbine-driven contraptions enter competitions with the sole purpose of winning the title of the world’s “Wackiest Racer.” Evil Dick Dastardley and his snickering dog Muttley endanger their efforts. Hanna-Barbera produced this weekly Saturday morning series in 1968.

Boomerang is Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.’s (TBS, Inc.) 24-hour cable/satellite network offering the best in classic animated entertainment. In partnership with Cartoon Network, the service boasts 75 percent unduplicated programming and is available to cable/satellite operators and their customers in Spanish. Boomerang’s official Web site is located at http:https://Boomerang.CartoonNetwork.com.

Cartoon Network (CartoonNetwork.com), currently seen in more than 91 million U.S. homes and 160 countries around the world, is Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.’s ad-supported cable service offering the best in original, acquired and classic animated entertainment for kids and families. Overnight from 10:30 p.m.-6 a.m. (ET, PT), Cartoon Network shares its channel space with Adult Swim, a late-night destination showcasing original and acquired animation for young adults 18-34.

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a Time Warner company, creates and programs branded news, entertainment, animation and young adult media environments on television and other platforms for consumers around the world.

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