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PR: Big Bad Boo Studios Opens in Vancouver

by on February 13, 2008

A new animation studio has
opened its doors in Vancouver’s historic district
of Yaletown. Aptly named BIG BAD BOO Studios, the
animation facility boasts a team of animation
heavy hitters with deep industry know-how and
equipped with the latest technology. Vancouverite
Aly Jetha and his wife Shabnam Rezaei decided to
start the studio after realizing that bringing the
normally Asia-outsourced work home could bring a
lot of benefits to their animation projects.

“We found so many good reasons to move to Canada.
There is an enormous amount of animation talent in
British Columbia and the tax incentives in Canada
make the move very attractive. In addition, we
gain a priceless amount of control by having our
own animation team. When we get extra work, we can
also pass these savings onto our clients and offer
them a bi-lingual service facility that is in the
same or near-same time zone and just a short plane
ride away, ” said Aly Jetha.

To help run the operations, Jetha and Rezaei
recruited Animation veteran Glen Kennedy, who
recently moved back to Canada from a long stay in
Asia. As the Animation Director at BIG BAD BOO
Studios, Glen has recruited top ToonBoom Harmony
artists to deliver 2D animation that is as close
to traditional animation as possible.

“We looked at doing Flash at first but the truth
is that we were just not happy with the flat look.
We decide ToonBoom was the way to go and we
attracted the best talent in Vancouver to get
started on our new show Mixed Nutz,” said Kennedy.

An award-winning artist, Kennedy was trained at
Hanna Barbera and most recently finished 26
episodes of Zula Patrol for Zula USA and PBS
television. He also recently completed the Family
Tree Pilot for Tom Ruegger Productions and has an
additional 17 years of industry experience, having
worked for companies like Cartoon Network, Walt
Disney Television, Warner Brothers and Universal.
Big Bad Boo Studios is currently working on 13
episodes of the Norooz Productions show “Mixed
Nutz”. The show is about a group of 9-year-olds
who come from different places and aims to teach
children about different cultures through the
cartoon. Mixed Nutz has a long list of Emmy Award
winners working the show including award-winners
Randy Rogel, Alfred Gimeno and Joe Banaszkiewicz,
to name a few.


About BIG BAD BOO Studios
Big Bad Boo Studios specializes in providing
custom animation services on an outsourced basis
for production companies the world over. In
addition to its state of the art animation
facility, Big Bad Boo is home to an Emmy Award
winning creative team that has played central
roles in some of the most coveted properties in
the history of animation. As a Canadian facility,
Big Bad Boo leverages Canadian tax credits and
other incentives to provide competitive rates. Our
Yaletown animation facility boasts state-of-the
art equipment running on reliable Linux servers,
Mac computers and the latest ToonBoom software.
This enables our Vancouver-based animation team to
deliver projects that are on time and on budget.
Currently, Big Bad Boo is working on several
projects, including Mixed Nutz and Gone Bananas,
two properties of Norooz Productions, a subsidiary
of Big Bad Boo.

For more information, visit www.bigbadboo.ca or
call 604.688.6484.

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