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PR: Adult Swim Presents 14 New Episodes of Assy McGee

by on March 12, 2008

Det. Assy McGee shoots first and asks questions later, if at all, in 14
all-new episodes of Assy McGee, beginning Sunday, April 6, at 12:30 a.m.
(ET, PT) on Adult Swim. Assy may be down in the dumps and pretty much
does everything ass backward, but when there’s a rash of crime, he’s
dedicated to wiping the streets clean of it. His newest capers involve
everything from drug smugglers to a mysterious online lover.

In Assy McGee, crime doesn’t pay, but it sure does stink. Luckily for
the city of Exeter, Assy’s not afraid to let it all hang out to get to
the bottom of a case, no matter what the Chief, the Mayor or even his
own partner, Det. Don Sanchez thinks about his brash tactics. While
having Assy and his itchy trigger finger at every crime scene can be a
liability, there’s just no way to keep him off the scent of a hot tip.

Assy McGee is the original animated comedy series from executive
producers and co-creators Carl Adams and Matt Harrigan that premiered in
Nov. 2006 on Adult Swim. The series is produced at Clambake Animation
in Watertown, Mass.

Matt Harrigan has written for television series such as Space Ghost
Coast to Coast, The Late Show with David Letterman, Celebrity Deathmatch
and the Adult Swim series Squidbillies. In addition to Assy McGee,
Harrigan is executive producer for the Adult Swim series Tim and Eric
Awesome Show, Great Job! and the upcoming series Fat Guy Stuck in
Internet. Carl Adams began his career as an editor, story writer and
director on Comedy Central’s Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist and The
Dick and Paula Celebrity Special. Adams also produced several animated
segments for Cosby. Before working on Adult Swim’s Home Movies, he
co-created and produced O’Grady, which airs on “The N,” Noggin’s teen
block. Adams is also a partner of Clambake Animation.

Adult Swim (AdultSwim.com), launched in 2001, is Turner Broadcasting
System, Inc.’s network offering original and acquired animated comedy
and action series for young adults. Airing overnight 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.
Monday through Saturday and 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Sunday (ET, PT), Adult
Swim shares channel space with Cartoon Network, home to the best in
original, classic and acquired programming for children and families,
and is seen in 91 million U.S. homes.

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a Time Warner company, creates and
programs branded news, entertainment, animation and young adult media
environments on television and other platforms for consumers around the

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