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Poser Pro 2014 Review

by on July 2, 2013

For the walk test, I created a new scene and brought the plushie figure, Rufus into the scene. I went into the Materials tab to make his coat an obnoxious purple and his eyes an equally pleasing green.  I then added a walk path to my scene, opened the Walk Designer and refined the settings available until I was content with Rufus’ walk. He needed a little swagger. Additionally, I added some jiggle to the bearcat’s ears and belly using Poser Pro 2014’s Bullet Physics related settings.

For the final test, I created a new scene and brought in a simple square, which I intended to use as a sheet, and then added a wind source. I was able to add some soft body dynamics to my sheet using the Bullet Physics settings. This allowed corners to stay in place while the rest of it swayed in the wind.

I was content with the results of my first dive into Poser Pro 2014. Once I was past the hurdle of having not used 3D software in about a decade, the rest of the basics were pretty easy to get a handle on. I would encourage any new users to also take the time to run through the tutorials.

I had already been aware of and convinced of Poser’s use as a viable reference tool for illustrators and other artists. What really sold me it were the additional physics and animation features. RWBY and Anomaly’s impressive use of Poser are excellent examples of what it’s capable of if you have the talent to back it up. Poser Pro 2014 has numerous applications in illustration, design and animation and is a worthwhile professional investment.

For more information on Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014, visit the Poser website, explore the Poser Community, or view existing Poser Webinars. For more information on Anomaly, visit the official website. For more information on RWBY, visit Rooster Teeth. Poser 10 is currently available for $299.99 USD while Poser Pro 2014 is $499.99.

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