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Poser Pro 2014 Review

by on July 2, 2013

I’m of the mindset that a 3D CGI software interface isn’t something you should jump into without a companion book or watching some tutorials. If you’re a new user, all of the various 3D software have so many settings that it can be an intimidating experience if you don’t know exactly where to look.  I hopped over to Smith Micro’s Poser Tutorials Page and I watched every available tutorial.  If you’re new to 3D software or the Poser suite in particular, you’ll want to take the time to familiarize yourself with the interface and the basics controls.

Once I jumped into Poser Pro 2014, I started by playing around with all of the positioning and camera tools, clicking around to tabs and windows to get a handle on where everything was. I practiced with the default mannequin and gauged how much I could manipulate the figure without bending a joint beyond what it should be capable of.

When I felt comfortable with manipulating the mannequin into different poses, I removed it, went to the Library, and placed the James figure in the scene. I played around with Auto Balance, which does precisely what you think it would: shift your character’s weight around in an attempt to have it always remain perfectly balanced.

I put some pants, a t-shirt, a watch, some shiny sunglasses, and a mop of hair on James. Once I began posing the James character with clothing, I noticed some of the figure’s skin poking through his jeans and t-shirt. Those were fixed with some quick adjustments. I decided to go for a leaping pose, with his arms flung back. I turned Auto Balance back off in order to accomplish this.

Before going further, I took a break to play with rendering the James character. In addition to rendering under the default settings, I poked around the sketch render options. Those seem like they could add really add to the visual mood of a final render, depending on what you’re going for.

After my render break, I dropped a crime lab from the Library into my scene, I re-positioned James so that he had just leapt off the second floor of the structure and then moved onto my final render. In addition to the default render, I played around with the toon outline settings.


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