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"Pokémon Chronicles" The Legend of Horrible Dubbing

by on June 4, 2006

You know, out of all the dubs 4Kids has created, Pokémon had by far the best treatment. Some of the original music was retained, the script was (for the most part) well translated, the voice casting was spot-on, and the movies kept all of their original music. Unfortunately, that time has ended, and the bliss U.S. Pokémon fans had has finally come crashing down in a horrible tragedy known as The Legend of Thunder.

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Overall, this is a shining example of how much a crime it is that we can’t get the Japanese version of Pokémon legally in the States. With all the unnecessary changes going on, what was an enjoyable romp has turned into the biggest embarrassment of the Pokémon franchise since Mewtwo Strikes Back.

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